Rahul Gandhi takes a leap step in fight against COVID-19 for his constituency


There are times in political arena, when you can’t just keep blaming others. There are the situations of emergency, where a leader’s will has to be so determined that instead of just asking for support from others, he should take a leap step forward and come out to take care of his own people, his own constituency and set an exemplary example of leading from the front.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has a step ahead from just the lockdown or one day Janta Curfew to fight against the menance of COVID-19. In his measure, Rahul Gandhi has presented 50 thermal scanners to his parliament constituency, Wayanad to help identify symptoms of COVID-19 more effectively.

Out of this 50 scanners, 30 will be distributed in his constituency and 10 each to Mallapuram and Kozhikode.

Earlier too, Rahul Gandhi was the first leader person from national political arena to highlight the menace of corona virus and asked for the immediate action from the government. Moving a step forward, he has asked the central government to provide for the economic package for the country.

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