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Rajiv Bajaj in Conversation With Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Renowned industrialist and Bajaj Auto MD Rajiv Bajaj has sharply criticized India’s steps to tackle the Corona virus. In a conversation with former Congress president Rahul Gandhi this morning, on the Corona crisis, Bajaj described the lockdown implemented in India as ‘Draconian’ and said that he had not heard of such a lockdown in any country of the world.

Rajeev Bajaj said that to deal with Corona, India looked at the western countries rather than to the east while their geographical location, innate immunity, temperature etc. are completely different. India copied the West. We tried to implement strict lockdown but were not able to implement it properly. However, this brought the economy to an end. Instead of Corona’s curve, the GDP curve goes flat.

Japan Like Approach Needed : Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv Bajaj said that we should have taken steps like Japan or Sweden. He said, ‘I think we should have looked at Japan and Sweden. They followed the path of herd immunity. This does not mean that those at risk are left to die. It means following proper sanitization, mask, social distancing. Sweden and Japan followed suit. Unfortunately there was a half lockdown.

Describing the lockdown implemented in India as Draconian, Rajiv Bajaj said that there was no lockdown like us in the world. He said that I had not even heard of such a lockdown. In the rest of the countries, people were free to go out and buy essential goods or meet someone. Bajaj said that the people who came out oh homes were beaten, humiliated by the police. Even the elders were not spared.

Rajiv Bajaj said that the highest number of deaths occur due to road accidents across the world. Whatever be the reason, if a person is driving without a helmet, then in 99.9 percent of cases the police does nothing, but if someone is not wearing a mask or someone is out on a morning or evening walk, you beat them with sticks.

The Modi government has announced a massive package of 20 lakh crores to revive the economy ruined due to Corona. However, Bajaj also questioned this package. He said that 2 / 3rd of the package announced by governments in the world to deal with Corona reached directly to organizations and people. Only 10 percent of it reached people in India. After all the fuss, why were people still not given direct money?

During a conversation with Rajiv Bajaj, Rahul Gandhi criticized the Modi government, reiterating his old stand on lockdown. He said, ‘This lockdown fails because it is the only lockdown in the world in which cases are increasing. Actually, India had pressed the pause button for 2 months, but now it is reaching the position we begun on the first day.

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