Just before lockdown, 102 chartered flights landed in India


While the labor of the country is struggling even to get bread while returning to home on foot, forget about any means of transportation, the elite class of the country got chartered flights to bring back their near and dear ones from different parts of the world.

On 21 March, the Modi government banned commercial flights from abroad, but in the two weeks preceding that, an exceptionally huge number of chartered flights from France, Germany, Switzerland etc. of the UK and Europe landed in India.

At the big international airport, we already have a lot of air traffic, how many flights must have been stopped for landing these chartered flights? Or these flights might have been delayed? In these chartered flights, the country’s biggest businessmen and possibly the politician’s families, were on board.

While the labor exodus is being carried out, such news bring back the argument much hyped in the political arena these days, whether the government is working just for selective people of the country.

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