India to Get 5 More Rafale


France has handed over five more Rafale warships to India. It is believed that these five Rafale aircraft of the second batch will reach India in October. They will be deployed at Kalikunda Air Force Station in West Bengal and will guard the eastern border with China.

The five aircraft in the first batch of Rafale were inducted into the Indian Air Force during a formal program on 10 September. Rafale has been deployed at Ambala Airforce Station. Rafael has been used in Afghanistan, Libya, Mali and Iraq and will now be used by Hindustan as well. 4.5 fourth generation fighter jets will be of Rafale RB-001 to 005 series.

One such squadron has been brought alive for the deployment of Rafael at Ambala Air Force Station, which was terminated by the Airforce. The name of this squadron is 17 Golden Arrow. Last year, BS Dhanoa, the former chairman of the Air Force, brought it alive and now this squadron is under the command of Rafael in Ambala. By the way, this squadron was formed on 1 October 1951. But the squadron was also disbanded in the year 2016, along with being out of the fleet of MiG-21 aircraft.

Rafale aircraft have the capability to destroy enemy targets without crossing the border. Without crossing the airspace border, Rafael has the potential to fully affect targets up to 600 kilometers within Pakistan and China.

Rafael’s biggest feature is that this fighter jet can jam the radar of enemy aircraft into the air. By doing this, this aircraft is not only capable of hitting the enemy aircraft, but can also easily hit the enemy aircraft.

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