Congress Expected to get 83-91 Seats in Bihar


Amid the discussions of seat sharing among the grand alliance in Bihar, it is expected that Congress may contest on 83-91 seats in the poll bound state.

With the declaration of the election schedule in the state, the discussion on seat sharing formula has paced up. It is being considered that to stop BJP in the major cities, Congress may prove out to be a better option than RJD.

The RJD’s political image in the utban areas has been a challenge for the party from the beginning, especially the middle class. In such a situation, Congress candidates will be more capable in urban areas than RJD to stop BJP.

The grand alliance strategists assess that in the current crisis of livelihood employment and the serious state of the economy, the words of Manmohan Singh government’s economic phase may attract the urban middle class in favor of Congress.

Based on its internal survey, the grand alliance estimates that anti-incumbency in the elections will also disturb the JDU more than the BJP. That is why the joint strategy of seat sharing in the grand alliance should be accordingly.

The seat-sharing discussion in the Grand Alliance is now being done by considering Upendra Kushwaha out of the clan. The Congress has also given up trying to persuade RJD leader Tejashwi on the issue of Kushwaha. In such a situation, the main division of the 243 seats of the state will be between the RJD and the Congress.

RJD is supposed to contest on all the previous 101 seats and Congress on 41 seats that they had in the previous election. The seat distribution has to be done on the remaining 101 seats of JDU quota, on which share has to be given to Communist parties too.

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