Four Youths Were Involved in Twitter Account Hack


Recently, Twitter accounts of 130 bigwigs including former US President Barack Obama, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates have been revealed. Four young hackers carried out this act in the game itself.

According to the report, no major cyber criminals were involved in this hacking. The four hackers were found on the online community platform ‘OGUsersdotCom’, which is selling and handling handles online.

According to the report, hackers were involved in Twitter’s very important tool on ‘OGUsersdotcom’, with the help of which hacking was carried out. It is being told that the online moniker of three hackers i.e. fake names kept online was also detected. The report states that the trio’s online names were LOL, Ever So Anxus and Kirk.

Kirk was the one who had a very sensitive tool in Twitter. With the help of this tool any Twitter account could be controlled. He shared this tool with two people. After this, these people along with another partner hacked Twitter accounts of various celebrities.

Twitter, while clarifying on the account of celebrities’ account hacking, said on Saturday, hackers targeted some employees through the social engineering scheme. They trap some employees to access Twitter’s internal system and access the internal system through two-factor authentication.

Hackers spoke to Times magazine

The hackers are reported to have spoken with The Times magazine about hacking. Also showed many screenshots and logs before and after hacking. It turned out that these were not from Russia, China or North Korea. One of them said that he lives with the mother. The reports also verified the social media and cryptocurrency accounts of these four hackers. Their accounts are pointing to their involvement with the hacking on Wednesday.

Hackers Made 90 Lakh Within 2 Hours

The hackers sent a message from the account of celebrities that we want to help you. We will refund double the amount of bitcoin you transfer to our account. Within 30 minutes, if you send bitcoins worth $ 1000, then we will return $ 2000.

By the time people came to know about this fraud, in two hours, 367 people had sent bitcoins worth about $ 1.20 lakh (about 90 lakh rupees) to that fake account, whose link was shared through the hacked account.

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