1.4 million more voters voted for Congress in Bihar but failed to translate in to seats


In the just concluded Bihar elections whose counting of vote went down to the wire, the NDA has now come up with comfortable numbers to form the next government.

The Tejasvi Yadav-led Mahagathbandhan has secured 110 seats while the Nitish Kumar-led NDA crossed the majority mark securing 125 seats.

While RJD has again emerged as the single largest party in this election, it’s number of seats reduced to 75 which is 5 less than what it had managed to win in the 2015 Assembly elections.
While the Congress managed to secure only 19 seats, 8 less than in the previous election.

Both parties fought on more number of seats than in the previous election because last time JD(U) too was a partner in the Mahagathbandhan.
That translated in to increased percentage of votes but not in a concentrated form that it could translate in to seats.

While RJD received 2.74 million more votes than what it had received in the previous assembly election, Congress increased it’s number of voters by 1.4 million.
But both lost massively in terms of strike rate.
In the 2015 election the Congress and RJD had won 107 seats of the 128 seats that it had contested together.
But in this election both parties together managed only 94 seats of the 214 that it fought this time. This mainly indicates to poor seat selection by both the parties.

The biggest beneficiaries has been BJP and the Left parties. The BJP had contested in 157 seats in the last Assembly election but managed to secure only 53 seats. This time the party fought in just 110 seats but managed to win 74 of those.
The decreased vote percentage is mainly on account of the decreased number of seats contested by the party this time.

The Left Parties on the other hand had fought all the seats last time but drew a blank. This time it fought as a part of Mahagathbandhan and won 16 of the 29 seats it contested on.

This election can also be seen as big loss for Nitish Kumar who may still retain his Chief Minister’s chair but will be under much tighter grip of Modi and Shah now after managing just 48.

The Bihar election results and the by-poll results across India show that the pandemic and lockdown induced economic and health crisis has not dented Modi’s and BJP’s image till now.
The opposition is yet to work out a way of countering BJP’s narrative around Modi.

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