Worldwide Corona Count Reaches 82 Lakh


The worldwide corona count reached 82 lakh on Tuesday, while 4.43 lakh people have lost their lives due to the epidemic. In the Chinese capital Beijing, 106 new cases have been reported in five days, which has been termed as the second wave of infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also termed the foot infection in China as a major phenomenon.

Corona Returns in China

According to the report, people at high risk of infection in Beijing were instructed not to move out of the capital, while all wholesale markets and mandis have been closed. Transport services in Beijing have also been halted to prevent the spread of infection. Long bus services connected to Beijing have also been closed.

Xu Hejian, spokesman for the Beijing city government, said drastic and decisive steps are being taken to deal with Corona in the capital. Beijing-based Shinfadi Food Market is believed to be the epicenter of the virus, where millions of tons of vegetables, fruits and meat are sold daily. Beijing has designated 22 areas adjacent to the capital as medium-risk areas.

Pakistan’s Information Minister Tested Positive

Pakistan’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Minister Syed Aminul Haque has also been infected with Corona. At the same time, the number of people infected with corona in the country has reached close to 1.5 lakh and 2,839 people have died from the disease. Earlier two former Pakistan PMs Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Yusuf Raza Gilani were also found infected.

Two new cases of infection have been confirmed in New Zealand after the last patient recently diagnosed with corona. However both of them came from infected Britain. A total of 1156 cases have been reported in the country so far and 22 have died. These cases of corona have been reported in the country after 24 days.

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