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Why so unserious? – Ankit Tiwari

I understand that it’s important to keep the wheels of economy running, but then we should also understand that what we are dealing here with is unprecedented and has the possibility of crippling everthing’s we’ve got. Lessons have not been learnt from the mistakes of other countries like Italy where life has come to a complete halt, schools, malls, offices, everything’s shut not even local shops. Why did it happen? there has to be some compelling reasons for the government’s to close down cities . Although it’s too late for some of the countries since the spread of the virus has now gone beyond control and has moved from isolated cases to infecting communities.
We in India are still playing the waiting game. I still see people go about their usual businesses as if nothing has happened, sharing memes of the virus , unmindful of the fact that the virus is for real and has gotten amongst us. I see no seriousness in the way things are going, just closing down schools, colleges, courts, malls is not the answer, there has to be a complete clamp down on the movement of people, I know what I’m saying, it will create panic and would pull down the already fragile economy , but it’s still better rather than repenting about the lives lost in the near future thinking about things that could have been done to avoid such disaster. RBI has said that finacial institutions cannot be closed down, I can understand the foresight of the mega institution, but to RBI I would say to have a fledgling economy there has to be people and a country with healthy workers to rotate the wheels. Unfortunately while RBI has issued circular’s allowing it’s own employees to work from home and has taken a logical stand on the fate of lakhs of banking professionals to keep fighting till the last drop, it has actually brought about the fools paradise our state machineries are in, working to tackle a national calamity as unprecedented as this . There are no thermal scans done at banks, There are no preventive gears provided to the front line staff, merely issuing circular’s of preventive measures off course gains the management and the departments brownie points but the fact remains that the same banker is going to get infected as was evident at one of AXIS bank’s branches in noida, and spread the disease throughout the community, this will ultimately lead to mass closures of the entire system anyways, however only after every scope of prevention is gone and we are left at our mercy that our administration would realise, since the whole medical delivery system in our country Is already overwhelmed . Addition of any extra burden is only going to crumble the whole system. Italy with supposedly more robust medical delivery system is reeling under the enormity of the situation, where people are getting treated based upon the discretion of the state as to should be given a shot at survival, it only makes is shudder at that thought when I see our preparedness.

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