When Supreme Court Lawyer Says – My Lord My Client is Poor


In the open courtroom of the Supreme Court, lawyers and journalists are being deprived of sour and sweet noises between advocates and judges these days, but even in the hearings through video conferencing, the trend of nozzle continues. Justice Arun Mishra’s lips smiled in the Supreme Court on Friday, when senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi said, “My Lord, my client is poor.”

Former Attorney General and one of the country’s most expensive lawyers, Mukul Rohatgi, during the hearing of the land acquisition case to benefit his client at Supreme Court, when his client is very poor, the judge presiding over the bench, Arun Mishra could not live without smiling.

Seeing the smile on his lips, Rohatgi handled himself and then said, “My Lord, now I am also advocating the case of the poor. Now the legal community has changed. We also fight for the poor. ” In fact, Rohatgi is one of the most expensive lawyers in the country and when he pleaded that his client is poor, the situation turned in a way that Justice Mishra smiled.

Actually on Friday, there were good personal talks between Rohatgi and Justice Mishra at the beginning of the hearing. A bench of Supreme Court Justice Mishra, Justice S Abdul Nazir and Justice Indira Banerjee was hearing the case through video conferencing. During this time, the judge was wearing a mask and hand gloves.

Rohtagi, appearing for one of the parties, said, “My Lord, you have taken all security measures and are happy to hear this.” Then Justice Mishra retorted to the former Attorney General, saying, “I am happy to see you also connected to your Chamber through video conferencing.”

Significantly, due to the corona virus ‘Covid 19’ epidemic, the Chambers of Lawyers were closed, which are opened today. Now lawyers are appearing through video conferencing from their own chamber.

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