Amazon Announces 50K Jobs in India Amid Corona


While the country is trying to deal with lockdown by following social distance against the global pandemic Corona virus, Amazon India has made 50 thousand part-time appointments on need basis to provide mandatory services to the people at home. Has announced. So that people can get the necessities for their families without leaving their homes.

Amazon India on Friday announced about 50,000 appointments (seasonal rolls) on need basis to cater to the growing demand of people dependent on its service. These appointments are especially for those who are most susceptible to rush. There will be various appointments in its fullfillment centers and delivery network. It also includes part-time flexible work opportunities with Amazon Flex as an independent contractor

Amazon India Vice President Akhil Saxena said, “One of the things we learned from the Covid-19 epidemic is how important Amazon and ecommerce can play a role for our customers, small businesses and the country.” We have taken this responsibility seriously and we take this responsibility seriously, and we are proud of the work our team is doing to help small and other businesses reach our customers in this difficult time. “

He said, “We want to continue helping customers across India get everything they need, so that they can follow social distance. For this, we are going to provide work to around 50,000 seasonal associates in our fullfillment and delivery network “We are creating opportunities for this. This will provide as many people as possible during the epidemic and also provide a safe working environment.”

Akhil Saxena further states that while creating these opportunities, Amazon is committed to the health and safety of its associates, partners, employees and customers and has implemented several measures for their welfare. The company has made about 100 significant changes in its operational process to protect its people, such as making face covering mandatory, daily temperature checks in buildings an many more.

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