What about CBSE Board Practicals? Will they be Cancelled too?


CBSE class 12 theory papers have been cancelled. But there is still doubt about the practicals (CBSE 12th Practical). Practical examinations are going on in some students even in the current situation of Kovid 19, due to which parents and students are upset. What will happen to 12th practical exams? The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has given information about this.

CBSE has given an option to the schools to stop the class 12 practical exams. According to Board’s Controller of Examinations Sanyam Bhardwaj, schools can take a decision about this at their own level. But they have to obey the law of the state on this issue. If any state or district administration does not allow this, then schools there cannot conduct these practical examinations at present. Even if permission is granted, practical exams are to be taken only by following all safety standards.

Bhardwaj said that CBSE will soon prepare the assessment policy for class 12 (CBSE 12th Assessment Policy 2021). In this, the solution of the issue of practical examinations will also be given. Until this evaluation policy comes, schools can stop their practical exams. They have to take this decision.

Here the schools say that they are trying to complete the practical exams as CBSE has given them time till June 11 to upload the practical marks. At the same time, in practical, a lot of coordination has to be made with the externals, because one external goes to many schools. In such a situation, canceling or postponing the exam will spoil the entire schedule.

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