Owaisi May be Helping Yogi Adityanath to Win UP Elections and Here is Why


In Uttar Pradesh, violent crimes, rape, tough laws, joblessness, etc. haunt UP and it seems to be slipping out of Yogi’s hands, but…

Uttar Pradesh in Tatters About to Lose Elections:
In Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh, strings of heinous sadistic crimes of rape and murder of women followed with body mutilations, slitting of necks, strangulation, and burning women alive after raping them have become incessant barbaric occurrences over the last few years. 

The recent shocker of COVID-infected bodies drifting in the Ganga and Yamuna from UP shook India. Apparently, people were too poor to afford firewood to cremate their loved ones, and the government was unable to help the poor to give them a decent cremation or burial so they either threw dead bodies in the river or buried them on the banks.

There was a horrible oxygen crisis in UP which again was hastily muffled up and journalists were penalized for reporting events as they were.

Rapes and murders do occur over most states in India but the proportions of barbarity and frequency exceeded all other states and back on August 14, 2020, a terrible violent rape and brutal murder by strangulation of a 13-year-old girl occurred in the Lakhimpur Kheri District, Uttar Pradesh by two men. The 13-year-old girl’s body was found in a sugarcane field that belonged to one of the accused, quite close to a police station.

On December 7, 2019, a 23-year-old girl from Unnao in Pradesh, a rape victim was burned alive by five men while on her way to a court in Rae Bareli to attend a hearing in her rape case by the same men who raped her in December.

On 4 June 2017, brutal gang rape of a 17-year-old girl in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh was committed. This rocked the country as the Bharatiya Janata Party-led party legislator Kuldeep Singh Sengar was charge-sheeted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

On 27 May 2014, gang rape and murder of two teenage girls were reported in the Katra village of Budaun district, Uttar Pradesh. Villagers searched for the girls throughout the night and they were found the following morning hanging from a tree and discovered they had been raped and then hanged on that tree.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) published the annual Crime in India Report 2018 recording that Uttar Pradesh topped the list of crimes against with 59,445 cases. We have to keep in mind that thousands of cases are unreported and unrecorded due to the shame factor associated with rape on women.

In most of the cases, it was the attack of upper-class Hindu young men against Dalit girls. The class caste system dividing the people coupled by a pro-upper caste system allowed these crimes to go unchecked. 

Then again, the Brahmin Hindus were being victimized by the Thakurs as Yogi Adityanath is a Thakur and protector of his own community. While rioting, shootouts, vandalism, burning, raping, and murders are on the rise, the cops and political leaders close their eyes.

This led to dissatisfaction among the BJP leaders in Uttar Pradesh and some have even left the BJP and other BJP leaders have voiced their disapproval because he is despotic and never heeds to their suggestions, and does exactly what he wants to do.

While Uttar Pradesh does suffer from unemployment, poverty, overpopulation, and low literacy, the government always releases wonderful data of the great achievements of Yogi and even termed him as the most popular chief minister with the greatest work done in UP.

However, unemployment has increased and risen to 21.5% in April 2020 and the number of jobless people in UP rose by 58% in two years.

Poverty perpetuates the villages. Most people in Uttar Pradesh have to migrate to other states in India for search of employment.

Overpopulation has made things more complicated for the state.

Low literacy and while the literacy statistics are claimed to be rising in Uttar Pradesh, they were still far lower than many parts of India and also the South of India, which has the highest literacy rates. 

In the religiously politicized culture with a very active prevalent caste system, the socio-political fabric of Uttar Pradesh is fragile and weak, and Muslims and Christians do not feel safe in most places of Uttar Pradesh.  The lynching of Muslims by cow vigilantes, the beef ban in UP witnessed silence from the Muslims and they were mostly subdued.

Most Indians say the Jungle Raj is presently running in Uttar Pradesh where the goons rule the roost but Yogi resists all criticism by calling it an international conspiracy. 

On August 5, 2020, in Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, laid the foundation stone, a symbolic silver brick, for the Ayodhya Ram temple and very radicalized statements were made by the RSS during the event.

Where Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi Steps In 

In Uttar Pradesh in an Aligarh village, Tappal’s Noorpur village, two wedding processions were being taken out in a lane opposite a mosque on 26th May 2021 en route to a Hindu’s home.  Since the Baarat coincided with the afternoon prayers, residents asked the family to halt music by DJ until the prayers were over, according to local residents. 

On the wedding party returning, the groom’s wedding procession was attacked and members thrashed up by the Muslim residents. The next day, several families from the Dalit community are looking to leave the village, accusing people from a minority community of harassing them regularly, particularly over wedding processions.  

Members of the Muslim community have denied the allegations, and instead accused people in the wedding procession of violating Covid-19 regulations by assembling in huge numbers, and without masks.

 An FIR has been filed accusing some members of the Muslim community for alleged assault and using casteist slurs, while the Dalit members have been booked for alleged violation of Covid protocol.

One resident Alam said, “This appears to be politically driven since both communities have lived here peacefully.”

There is a political color to this.  While Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi Indian politician,  President of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen will never agree on this and strongly asserts that he builds the Muslim community to prevent them from being radicalized, presently this is exactly what is happening in Aligarh, there is a huge Hindu-Muslim divide.

AIMIM does not have a single seat in the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha and in eight months, the polls will be on, and right now, they are preparing the ground, Mr. Owaisi is going to contest in the elections, and does it not seem strange that instead of holding more positive ground for votes just before elections, rather, they are radicalizing the Muslims even further?

Syed Nazim Ali is Mr. Owaisi’s man, President of Owaisi Youth Brigade in UP, All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) and he is presently emerging in the heat of the battles between Hindu and Muslim in Aligarh. 

During this altercation, instead of calming down the rift, he rose up and said, ‘Namaz will happen, won’t let them (Hindus) have wedding procession without permission. Do whatever you want, we will not let you do it.”

They later attacked the wedding procession and were allegedly forced to move forward.  The Dalits, disturbed, put up their houses for sale the next sale setting to flee the village.

Noorpur is a Muslim-majority village in Western Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, about 800 Muslim families live in the village. There are 125 families of Hindus, the majority of whom belong to the Jatav community (Scheduled Caste). T

The fights between the Hindus and Muslims are escalating and this works in favor of Yogi who could win because he operates one powerful card – the Hindu Muslim division.  BJP has played this card from time immemorial and won elections more rapidly in recent times.

Why would Syed Nazim Ali (AIMIM)  President of UP start threatening the Hindu Dalits so ferociously that feeling persecuted they want to leave?  And why is all this happening at such fragile times, and that too, just before elections?

The sole aim of this it seems is to make the Hindus in Uttar Pradesh feel so insecure that they will soon cry “Hindu Khatre Mein Hain!” and run into the arms of Yogi Adityanath and vote for him, and hey presto, Yogi will win Uttar Pradesh again, thanks to Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi and Syed Nazim Ali!

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