TMC goons brutally beat up a member of Congress’ student’s wing Chhatra Parishad


TMC’s arch enemy may be BJP, whom they defeated comfortably in this year’s West Bengal Assembly elections. But that hasn’t stopped them from unleashing political violence on other political parties. This time the victim, Amir Sohel faced the wrath of TMCP goons over some dispute regarding admission at Chanchal College in Malda district.

Amir Sohel who is a member of Congress’s student wing Chhatra Prasad had gone to the college to submit an admission form when he got surrounded by alleged members of Trinamool Chhatra Parishad (TMCP). The goons kept beating him up with sticks, rods and bamboo until he fell unconscious. After blood started oozing out of his head, the goons left, after which he was taken to the hospital.

Although in recent months efforts have been made by both parties to display bonhomie, especially after the West Bengal elections, but the tension at the ground level is still there. Congress high command has always had a good relation with Mamata Bannerjee but it is the Congress party workers in Bengal that consider TMC as their enemy. It was due to the pressure from the ground workers that Rahul Gandhi agreed to fight West Bengal polls against Mamata Bannerjee, allying with the Left.

Though efforts are still to forge an alliance between Congress and TMC, such incidents pose a further challenge to their efforts to unite and fight the BJP together.

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