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The first Positive case of COVID-19 was Reported on the 30th January 2020, and the Janata Curfew was observed on the 22nd March. On 23rd March, the total number of cases were 271 and 15,000 samples tested. The first Lockdown of 21 days was announced on the 23rd March followed by an extension till 3rd May 2020.

Today after 89 days from the day first case was reported in India, lets see what do the figures say:

  • Total Confirmed Cases: 29,974
  • Recovered Cases: 6,361
  • Deaths: 937

Very impressive COVID (Data) Management

Now comes the tricky part:

From 28th January to 26th April 2020 total samples tested were 5,80,000 only, with an average of 6444.4 samples per day…for a population of 137 crores!!

Report says that the Labs roped in for Covid Testing have the capacity of Testing 1,00,000 samples per day, but Govt is comfortable with 39,000 sample per day…Why?

Why is Govt not willing to Test More?

While the World Health Organisation is recommending rapid Testing of samples, Indian Govt doesn’t seem to worry at all.

Best part is that the Testing Kits imported from China turn out to be faulty, state governments are labelled anti-national for raising the issue.

As if everything was going perfectly, today we learnt that GoI paid a whopping 145% higher price for the Imported Kits.

Let’s not forget same thing was Reported about the PPEs also…”not to the required standards.”

Forget the Chinese substandard goods but what happened to the claims of Rapid Testing Kits made in UP?

A report on 25th April says, that in a meeting GoM decided to stall the use of Rapid Testing Kits, because “as a result of taking so many precautions, situation in India is under control”….very good if its under control.

Then why import Testing Kits at 145% higher price? Is the GoI trying to make some quick money on this?

Or is there something more to what meets the eye?

Grapevine says the Rapid Testing Kits prompted GoI to do some mix and match, Procure Chinese kits with over invoicing and add the Domestic product to the lot and export money abroad.

Grapevine also tells that there was a raid on some godown….shhhhh.

Was PPEs also similar set up?

Good that GoI cancelled orders of 2 Chinese firms…but how will India Test?

Chief Ministers of some States are not ready for relaxation of Lockdown, do they fear sudden surge in cases?…then why is India not Testing enough?

Is he underplaying for something bigger like the Nobel Prize?

PM Narendra Modi is not willing to discuss anything with the Opposition, we can understand that, but he’s not passing on correct information to the people either.

A pandemic cannot be defeated without people’s cooperation, for that transparency is the primary requirement. Unless people are aware how will they support the Govt in its plan to fight this Virus?

It will not end here, even for Resuming normal activities, people of India will have to play a vital role.

I hope Modi Govt understands the gravity of the situation and increases the sample testing.

Let me hope against hope that Modi ji takes the Nation into confidence in this fight against Covid19 and India is back to its pink of Health.

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