Ten Ways to Destroy Your Political Party


  1. When Ideology is not King:  What we believe in shapes our thinking and defines our lives to propel us steadily in a clear direction towards a goal. If ideology is not king in a person’s heart, it is very easy for them to get swayed by the wind of changing falling to temptation by the lures position, money, power, and force.  It is clear-cut ideology that kept people like Mahatma Gandhi fighting until the bitter end, even unto death. Unfortunately, today, it is pathetic to see how easily members switch party over to another party with a totally different ideology just for gain of money, position and power.  This can only happen when ideals, convictions and ideology has not become king in the context of a belief system in politics.  Ideology has to be the glue to cement the party. It sets the ocean boundaries of a party with great freedom but still a definition that strengthens the walls of the party.  
  2. When You Don’t Define Your Leader:  In a political party, there will be a parity of different leaders with charming demeanors, force, power, and appeal to different people.  Without clearly defining the leader of your party, people will be pulled in different directions and even start fighting each other to promote the leader of their choice. It is like pulling a piece of cloth in different directions and what happens, in the end?  The cloth will definitely tear into pieces.  Don’t weaken your party by leaving open ends of vulnerability where the enemy of your party will infiltrate those open ends with their measly poison propaganda.  Do a vote and define your leader and all the cribbing people will eventually fall in line and support the designated leader to strengthen your party. Do it fast!
  3. When You Don’t Organize Your Party:  A party has to be streamlined like a clear steam with each person assigned tasks to report to a head. People love definition and responsibility and are relieved with this kind of organization as it releases them from the stress of trying to struggle alone. People enjoy meetings with reporting incidents and achieving targets. If a party is in chaotic shambles within and citizens need help outside and knock on their doors and none of the party members are responding because each one thinks it is someone else’s responsibility, you know what, you are going to lose citizens’ trust in you very fast.  It is happening, so hurry up and organize defined roles for members and track down their efforts in documented files and keep people accountable for their tasks.  You will achieve the fruits of your organized hard work in time.
  4. When there is Disunity:  This happens without definition of leadership,goals, purposes, agenda, and when party members are not sure of the ideology.  Everyone needs an immediate leader to connect with to keep getting infilling of party dogma, plans, updates and goals to keep all on board together with mutual respect and to keep the fire burning.  
  5. When You Support Different Leaders:  This is said again, in repetition, because this is weakening the party drastically.  Since our leaders are not defined swiftly, people will rise up with leaders of their choice. In the bargain, Media picks it up and propagates it to a billion Indians who start to drift away in confusion as the fabric of the party looks weak to them.   When people see conflicts within a party, they opt to vote for another party.  Right now, the most important thing is to unite and support whoever is on the chair because in the end, all will work together for a free secular, democratic India that takes care of the rich, the middle and the poor, of all classes and religions for the people and by the people.  If you are still arguing about who, then we will miss the boat and in the bargain, the party will lose not only the people, but finally itself.
  6. By Voting NOTA:  Discouraged people finally say, “We will vote NOTA,” meaning they will not vote for anyone.  While this is your democratic right, in reality, you are empowering the ruling party by voting NOTA, or any party with the majority votes will be empowered. In fact, millions did not vote in the last elections and empowered the ruling party, BJP to win.  So, if you want to see a new strong party rise out of the ashes to rebuild India again, chose the most secular Democratic Party, vote with faith and see the wonders that await!
  7. Too Centralized Control:  Leaders in the party have to appoint other youth leaders, and give lots of responsibility so that there is freedom, movement and flow within the party, where youth leaders dare to dream, build and invent being motivated to move the party forward. They should be given authority to help citizens too, in some level.  This builds the party to a healthy atmosphere. 
  8. Open Squabbles:  We are weakening our own party by fighting openly!   It is absolutely ridiculous to fight on social media with each other. We are giving fodder to our “enemies” who incidentally are enjoying our viral exchanges. Refrain from fighting each other openly on social media. Sort out your differences behind closed doors or in DMs.
  9. When You Don’t Allow Freedom to Express Different Views:  If we are so insecure that we immediately start to abuse someone who expresses a different view (not in ideology) from what the mainstream party is holding, then a lot has to be said about liberty and freedom of expression.  We are not robots and sometimes we may appreciate something that even a good deed that BJP member has done and that should not call for abuse from party volunteers.  In fact, many political leaders from different parties are not real enemies when they meet each other on different occasions. We need to have a higher level of maturity and respect for humans on the whole, so petty mindedness is also destroying our party, rooted in fearful insecurity. We should never become dictatorial in our control of other’s expression of thought.  We can actually win all by being more open minded to others of a different thinking. 
  10. Leaders Stay Connected With Party Volunteers:  Party leaders, remember that party volunteers are involved in the party for the love of the country. They get nothing in terms of money in the bargain nor are seeking for it and are often involved at the risk of  their own lives for they don’t  have Z + security.   So, please do honor them by engaging with them, follow them back if possible, answer their pleas, be responsive to them, validate them for in the end, you will reap that wonderful golden harvest together. If you shut your doors on them, without give and take, a river cannot flow and will become stagnant, and that is when the flies, rotten carcasses and stench will congregate to stifle and kill our party. So rise up and reach out leaders!

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