Surat Death Toll Fudged?


With corona toll scoring high every day in Gujarat and achieving 13th peak in last 14 days, claims are coming to surface that death toll in Surat is fudged.

As per the reports of an NGO, named Ekta Trust, they are doing last rites of around 50-60 bodies daily out of which 20-30 are being done as per the protocol of Corona patients.

Earlier, an audio was also viral on various social media platforms in which an ambulance driver was talking to an unknown person and claiming that he is transporting nearly 20 dead bodies daily to various cremation points.

The situation inside Civil Hospital is indeed pathetic. At times, bodies are lying for hours before being sent to the cremation centre. Even at cremation centre, there are large number of bodies and people are supposed to wait for their turnfor atleast a couple of hours before doing the final rites.

Even the managers of cremation centres are claiming that they are receiving around 10-15 bodies daily of Covid positive patients.

However, the government officials are denying such allegations saying that they are taking enough measures to control the spread of the virus and people might be confused about the Covid and non-covid deaths

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