Russian Corona Vaccine to be Registered Tomorrow


In the midst of the Corona virus crisis, the process of making vaccines continues all over the world, but Russia has come very close to it.

Amidst the havoc of the Corona virus, the good news from Russia is that Russia is ready to register the first vaccine for the Corona virus on Wednesday (August 12). Russia claims that they are ahead of the world in the preparation of the Corona vaccine. Russia’s Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev announced that the registration of the Corona vaccine will be done on August 12.

However, many countries, including the US, Britain, are skeptical of Russia’s claim. But Russia claims that it has made the corona vaccine, which will be registered tomorrow and after that the emphasis will be on its production and vaccination. The vaccine is produced under the joint aegis of the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Vaccine trial currently in third phase

In fact, the vaccine’s medical trials began on 18 June and involved 38 people. Resistance has developed in all of them. The first group was discharged on 15 July, while the second was discharged on 20 July. Gridnev said the trial is currently in the third phase.

He said, ‘Gamaleya Research Institute has prepared this vaccine, which will be registered on August 12. Currently, its trial is in the final and third rounds. These tests are very important. We have to ensure that the vaccine is safe. Medical professionals and senior citizens will be the first to be vaccinated.’

Russia’s Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said members of ‘risk groups’, such as medical professionals, could be vaccinated this month. He did not clarify whether they would be part of the Phase III study which is to be completed after the vaccine has received ‘conditional approval’.

Vaccine to be made available from October

At the same time, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova has promised to start ‘industrial production’ of the corona virus in September and Murashko has said that mass-level vaccination will begin in October. If this claim of Russia is true, it will be a big success in the war against the corona virus and by the end of this year the world may get the corona vaccine.

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