Research Paper Competition: Rewards Worth INR 61 lakhs


“You measure a democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists” – Abbie Hoffman

The Democratic Party of India (DPI), in association with Infeed as its official knowledge and media partner, is organising a research paper writing contest titled “CALL to ARMS: YOUNG WARRIORS

This is a call to arms, a call for a revolution that ushers in a change. In this effort, we seek contributions from our youth brigade. The battlefield is our own society, our community, our home and hearth. Our weapon of choice – the mighty pen; because we earnestly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Look around yourself; our much vaunted way of life is under threat. Our democratic values, secular fabric, inclusive society and our civilizational mantra of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the world is one family), is being torn to shreds. This phenomenon is not unique to our country; democracies around the world are witnessing an unprecedented assault on freedoms. Recently released, series of reports authored by renowned institutions indicate a worrisome trend of declining democratic values around the world.

We, at the editorial board of Democratic Party of India, feel that the greatest threat to democracy comes from its central pillar: majoritarianism. Therefore, we would like to engage with our youth and seek their views on the subject. We announce a nationwide contest, wherein we seek research papers from our youth.

Can Democracy Survive Majoritarianism?

We would not like to bind our prospective participants and would not limit the scope of the research. Contestants are required to make their own assumptions while carrying out their research. The research paper must answer the question posed above with evidence in support of the hypothesis.

It is not possible to put a monetary value to a great idea, however, we would like to reward our young writers for their time and effort.


Prize Category Quantity Reward Amount
First Prize One INR 25 lakh
Second Prize Two INR 10 lakh
Third Prize Three INR 5 lakh
Consolation Prize Ten INR 10,000
Certificate of Participation All
  • The last date of submission has been extended to December 25, 2021. 
  • Prize winners would be announced on January 20, 2022. 
  • Prize distribution would be conducted at DPI Headquarters on the auspicious day of January 26, 2022.

Submission Guidelines

  • Research paper will be evaluated, by an eminent jury in a double blind methodology
  • Length of the paper must be limited to 3000 – 5000 words. A paper exceeding these limits will not be rejected, but would invariably invite some deductions in score.
  • The paper must be written in English language. Participants could follow Chicago or APA style manual for format. Alternatively, they may follow any style being recommended at their university / school.
  • Structure : A4 size, PDF format, Aerial font, size 12, one inch margin on all sides, one and half line spacing.
  • We seek not just the explanation of problem, but, workable solutions. We are looking for new ideas, new perspectives, therefore, distribution of marks is as follows: Language, expression, and writing style (30 percent)  Originality of ideas (70 percent)
  • Plagiarism would invite disqualification. Participants must submit a declaration of originality along with the paper.
  •  Submissions will be accepted both in soft copy format via email as well as hard copy via post. Hand written scripts would also be acceptable. Papers in hard copy format should be sent via post or courier at the following address: DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF INDIA (DPI HOUSE), RJF-18, Rajokri Flyover, Main, NH-8 New Delhi, 110037 (INDIA)
  • Submissions can be mailed at the following email id: [email protected]


A candidate is eligible to participate if:

  • The candidate is a student, enrolled in any university, school or recognized educational institute
  • The candidate is a passionate young person of less than 35 years of age and has something to say on the issue.

Disclaimer :- This post is independently published by the author. Infeed neither backs nor assumes liability for the opinions put forth by the author.

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