Relief: Corona Recovery Increases in 14 States of India


In a big relief among the Corona virus infection in the country, corona recovery increases in India. The number of patients who have been treated more than the number of patients being treated in 14 states of the country. According to medical experts, these figures will remove the fear of corona in people.

According to the Ministry of Health, 48 percent of the people have won the battle of Corona so far. In many states the corona recovery rate is even better. This is the highest in Punjab at 88 percent. There, out of 2263, 1987 patients have recovered.

State wise Corona Recovery

Apart from this, Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of the country, has more number of healthy patients. The corona recovery rate here is close to 61 percent. In UP, 4709 people have recovered, while 2901 are under treatment. There are 7823 total patients recorded there.

In Haryana, 1048 have been cured and 1023 are under treatment. The recovery rate is close to 50 percent. The number of healthy people in Telangana is 1428 and 1188 under treatment. Healthy 2349 in Andhra and 1268 under treatment, 199 healthy in Chondigarh and 90 under treatment, 199 and 90 in Goa respectively, 43 and 31 in Ladakh, 1126 healthy and 815 in Odisha and 815 in Tripura and 173 and 140 in Tripura respectively. All the 33 patients in Andaman and Nicobar have become healthy.

This is the result of better management of the disease. Tamil Nadu with the highest number of patients after Maharashtra, 22333 people have been infected so far, but about 57% of them i.e. 12757 have become healthy and 9403 are under treatment. In Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, cases were also increasing rapidly. 8089 people have been infected in Madhya Pradesh and 8831 in Rajasthan, but 4842 have become healthy in MP and 2897 are under treatment. In Rajasthan, 5927 have recovered, 2710 are under treatment.

After the arrival of around 8400 new cases of corona infection across the country, the number of patients of Covid-19 in India has crossed one lakh 90 thousand, though the recoveries have also increased and the number has increased to about 92,000. At the same time, lockdown restrictions were relaxed in many cities of the country, which again increased traffic on the roads and also created conditions like jam in many places.

But, despite all this, the number of patients suffering has also increased rapidly from 1,30,000 on May 24 to almost 2 Lakh as on today

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