PUBG Mobile Game Rolls Out New Update


New Delhi| There is a good news for PUBG entusiasts. The company has released the latest update of this battle game. This update has started rolling out from version 0.18.0. In the new update, many new features are being given along with Mad Miramar and more weapons. With this, the game has been improved a lot in advance and players will also get to see many bug fixes.

New racetrack in Mad Miramar
This update of PUBG Mobile can be downloaded by Android users, Google Play Store and iPhone users from Apple App Store. The biggest feature of this update is the Mad Miramar update given in it. This Miramar Map is offering many new things. There will be a desert in the northern part of the map and players can now find ‘Urban Ruins’ on the northwestern edge. Players will also get a new racetrack in Mad Miramar which is present throughout the map.

New vehicles, Weapon thrills
To add to the thrill of the game, a new vehicle named Golden Mirado has also been made available. In Miramar Map, you will also find new vending machines, sandstorm effects, new achievements and rewards. As has been confirmed earlier, the new P90 weapon has been given in the 0.18.0 update of PubG Mobile which has been added to the Arena. Its magazine capacity is 50 shots and it fires 9mm rounds.

Getting jungle adventure mode
Classic mode has a new Canted Sight attachment that works mostly with assault rifles, small machine guns, sniper rifles, light machine guns and some shotguns. Not only this, a new jungle adventure mode is also being offered in this update, in which Sanhok can be entered while looking for the match.

Results screen also improved
The result screen has also been improved in the update and a lot of detail results section appears. Here players can see the details of all the Weapons that they have used during the game. Also, players can compare it with the scores of other players by looking at the match figures here. Let’s say that on May 13, the Royal Pass season 13 of this game is also coming.

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