PM’s funny pronounciation of a Sanskrit shloka cause heartburn to some while leaving others laughing


But in the quest of proving his point, PM Modi made choice of words that left some fuming while causing a laughter session among others.

Speaking at the inaugural session of First All India District Legal Services Authorities Meet, PM Modi gave an interesting speech highlighting the value of justice and the legal system of India.

Highlighting the importance of ‘ease of justice’ PM Modi used a Sanskrit shloka to prove his point. But in doing so he mispronounced a Sanskrit word that sounded more like a Hindi slang word used to depict the male genital organ.

The choice of words offended some people who thought it as an insult to the Sanskrit language which is among the oldest languages in the world.
While others found it funny and recalled previous such gaffes Narendra Modi made as PM.

This has not been the first occasion when the PM has been found lacking expertise in the languages that he speak.
Few years ago he has confidently misspelt the word ‘Strength’. Instead he spelled it as Streanh among international audience.

Last year the PM was left speechless when the teleprompter stopped working and he couldn’t continue his speech leaving him frustrated in live television.

However, the latest gaffe is causing heartburn among many as Sanskrit is considered a pure language by many Indians.

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