Narendra Modi Government is destroying democracy, Opposition protest.


Narendra Modi’s government has abruptly ended the monsoon session and passed over 20 bills without discussion. PM refused to discuss critical issues like farmers’ bills and pegasusSnoopgate. The saffron party has termed Indian farmers & their protest as Khalistani or terrorist organizations. Unable to defend the government’s unconstitutional behavior, the saffron party & the right-winger’s always termed any progressive activity as anti-national.

Defending India’s Constitutional right, today around 15 opposition parties held a march outside the parliament building towards Vijay Chowk.

Not allowed to speak in Parliament Rahul Gandhi came outside & spoke to the media stating that “Today, we had to come out here to speak to you(media) as we are not allowed to speak in the Parliament. This is the murder of the democracy”
He further added that the nation’s voice is been silenced, “The Parliament session is over. As far as 60 percent of the country is concerned there has been no Parliament session. The voice of 60 percent of the country has been crushed, humiliated, and yesterday in the Rajya Sabha (MPs were) physically beaten.”

Recalling yesterday’s incident in Rajya Sabha where women MPs were pushed & manhandled, Gandhi said, “This is the first time that the MPs have been attached in Parliament. Outsiders were brought in who thrashed the MPs. Even then, they talk about the Chairman’s tears. The Chairman’s job is to make the House run.”

Rahul Gandhi questioned the media’s silence over women MPs being thrashed and questioned media talking about Chairman’s tears. When Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu said that, he had tears in his eyes after yesterday’s incident. The saffron party leaders are habitual of shedding crocodile tears. In the past PM Modi & CM Yogi had also staged drama of crying.

Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor alleged that “Centre doesn’t want to run the parliament proceedings properly. Govt is passing laws without discussion. There should be a discussion on COVID-19 vaccination, current economic situation, unemployment, farm laws but govt is running away.” In the past as well BJP government has passed bills without discussion.

With the economic situation in the doldrums, the Modi government is making all possible attempts to avoid any questioning. Incidentally, PM Modi has not conducted one Press Conference until now.

Shiv Sena MP & spokesperson Sanjay Raut said that “The opposition didn’t get a chance to present their views in Parliament. Yesterday’s incident against women MPs was against democracy. It felt like we were standing at the Pakistan border. People from outside were brought into parliament who wore marshal clothes and attached women MPs. This is the murder of democracy every day.”

Reiterating the sentiments of Sanjay Raut, NCP chief Sharad Pawar added that “In my entire parliamentary career, I never saw the way the women MPs were attached today in the Upper House. More than 40 men & women were brought into the house from outside. it is very sad and painful, it’s an attack on democracy.”

The Saffron party & the right-winger are habitual offenders they brag into the institution and create a ruckus, In the past few outsiders sponsored by the saffron party bragged into JNU and attacked innocent students.

Congress chief whip Jairam Ramesh said that “Insurance Amendment Bill to privatize GIC was passed in RS with a large force of security personnel present. The govt refused to send it to a Select Committee, a demand by all Opposition parties including those close to the BJP. What happened this evening was worse than atrocious

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