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Lockdown 3.0 : Relaxations in Different Zones

Lockdown 3.0

The third phase of nationwide lockdown starting today will be given more leeway, but prohibitions will continue in prohibited zones ie containment zones so that the achievements so far achieved against Kovid-19 do not go waste. Officials on sunday

Explain that after May 3, the central government has announced to extend the lockdown by two weeks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi first announced a nationwide bandh of 21 days from 25 March. Which was later extended by 19 days. Now it has been extended for two weeks and i.e. 17 May.

Restrictions Applicable in Entire Country

  • There will be restrictions in every zone on interstate traffic by air, rail, metro travel and road.
  • Schools, colleges and other educational institutions, training and coaching institutes are not allowed to open.
  • Restrictions will continue in every zone on other hospitality services including hotels and restaurants.
  • Public gathering places such as gyms, theaters, malls, cinema halls, bars etc. will remain closed.
  • Religious, social and political meetings will not be allowed.
  • In all zones, persons above 65 years of age, pregnant women and children below 10 years will remain indoors except for essential and health reasons.
  • People’s movement in prohibited zones will be completely restricted and essential services will be provided at their home.

Reliefs in all zones

  • All areas except the Containment Zone will be allowed to operate in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Export Oriented Units (EOUs), industrial estates and industrial townships.
  • People will be allowed to move for non-essential activities in all zones except the Containment Zone, but there will be strictness from 7 pm to 7 am.
  • The sale of liquor will be allowed in all zones with certain conditions except the container zone, the only shop in the locality, market or mall. There should not be more than five people from the shop at a time and there should be a distance of at least six feet between two people.
  • Outpatient departments (OPDs) and medical clinics will open in all zones, keeping distance between people and taking other precautions. However, it will not be allowed in the Containment Zone.
  • All goods will be allowed to be transported and no state or union territory will stop the movement of freight from the land border under treaties with neighboring countries.

Activities in Red Zone

  • In the Red Zone (outside the Containment Zone), some additional activities will be banned. These include rickshaws and auto rickshaws, taxi and cab services, operation of buses within the district and between districts, barber shop, spa and saloon etc.
  • Along with restrictions, some other activities will also be allowed in the Red Zone. These will allow vehicles for movement of people and permitted activities.
  • In a four wheeler, maximum two persons other than the driver, no person sitting behind on a two wheeler.
  • In the Red Zone, e-commerce companies will be allowed to sell only essential commodities.
  • In all liquor shops, there must be a minimum distance of six feet (two yards) between customers and no more than five people at a time.
  • On the subject of domestic help / assistants in the Red Zone, the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) has to decide whether outsiders will be allowed. If the RWA permits, the domestic helper / assistant and employer must follow the health regulations and if anything goes wrong, it will be the responsibility of the person who hired it.
  • Private offices in the Red Zone can have up to 33 per cent employees, while the rest will work from home.

Green and Orange Zones

  • All activities will be allowed in the Green Zone except for prohibited activities across the country.
  • Barber shops, spas and salons will be allowed to open in the Green and Orange zones. Also, e-commerce companies can also sell non-essential items.
  • The movement of people by aircraft, rail and road will be allowed for some selected purposes. The movement will also be allowed for the purposes permitted by the Union Home Ministry.
  • Inter-district activities of people for permitted activities, in addition to the driver in a four-wheeler, two passengers, two-wheelers will also be allowed to sit back.
  • Buses can only travel with passengers on 50 per cent of the seats.

Lockdown 3.0 is from May 4 to May 17. The first phase of lockdown enforced in the country from 25 March until 14 April, which was later extended to 3 May. However, the governments/administrations of the state or union territory may impose certain restrictions based on their assessment.

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