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Lives or Livelihoods?

lives or livelihood

Global leaders are debating what is important…Saving Lives or Saving Livelihoods?

To save Lives Lockdown must continue: says the Dharma or Holistic well-being.

To save Livelihoods Lockdown must be lifted:says the Artha or Materialistic prosperity.

Not an easy choice to make, because both supplement and complement one another as we know there’s nothing called a free lunch in this world.

Chanakya in his Arthashastra says, a King or the Ruler does not have the luxury to choose between Dharma and Artha, which means both Men and Material are equally important for a happy society. The Ruler has a Moral responsibility to create wealth for the country and ensure happiness of his people.

In any unforeseen conditions be it divine or man made, if the people of a country face hardships due to lack of food or money, Society is bound to get destroyed.

Hence the Ruler must take every necessary measures to avoid wide spread deprivation due to inadequate access to food or money…and prevent the society from getting destroyed at any cost.

That is why every renowned Economist is requesting the present Govt, to ensure distribution of food grains to needy and demonetise the people through direct cash transfers…irrespective the Ration cards or other clauses, because 10 crore people do not have Ration Cards. In the case of Migrant workers, their Ration Cards may not be with them or might not be valid in the place where they are stranded.

Make use of Perceived, Unperceived and Inferred analogies to analyse the situation with an open mindedness and generous heart, rather than hiding behind datas and reports.

Prioritise things, focus on people’s health over Economic health of the Country and Open the FCI godowns and give food to every needy. Procure the new crop and refill them.

He also said that only and only increase in Production will give happiness or economic well-being to the people…here Production refers to Manufacturing and Agricultural activities. In modern India supply chains also become inevitable part of the Production activities.

Let me summarise it:

Make people’s lives easy by giving them adequate food and necessary financial support…Lives are Safe

Kick start all the activities that increase our Domestic Production…Livelihoods are Secure.

The simplest answer to the trickiest question of the day was always available…but we were looking West.

Let us reconnect ourselves to our forgotten Rich Heritage of Cultural Values which taught us how to be more healthy and happy life in less resources.

Let us return to our old food habits of unprocessed organic essentials. Simplify our lives by reducing unnecessary clutter in our To do lists. Slow down a little, cherish the beauty of nature, love and warmth of your family. Lets make a new beginning with a clean slate.

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