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Is India Going To Pay The Price Of Modi Govt’s Negligence?

With the daily increase in the death tolls and the number of persons infected from COVID-19, a question arises in everyone’s mind – Could this have been avoided? Was it known to the government? Was there no insight with the Government on the virus outbreak in our neighboring country?

The government was busy pulling PR stunts during the global crisis. It should have ideally closed Indian airspace when the outbreak happened in countries where there is a high tourist footfall. But, instead of doing so, PM Narendra Modi gave importance to the American President, and escorted him to different places of the country.

While Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, was constantly trying to grab attention of the country and the government on the possible epidemic as early as in February, the government kept neglecting the advice given by him and the WHO. We all know about the shortage of N-95 masks and the lack of safety equipments in the country, and that our doctors are struggling to keep themselves safe.

While WHO declared corona as a health emergency as early as on January 30, the health ministry of the country, ignored it and openly critized Rahul Gandhi for creating panic in the country. As per the news bulletin by PTI, dated March 13, the health ministry told there is nothing to worry and this virus pandemic should not be considered as a health emergency.

Then after evacuating the NRIs, who of course have been a major resource in Modi’s campaigns, they were not compulsorily quarantined by the Government. Now India has been shut down due to government’s ignorance, negligence and hunger for PR.

Now when the situation has gone abruptly bad, the media stalwarts like Pritish Nandy, Vinod Sharma are understanding the seriousness of the situation, and are talking that the country is paying the price of ignoring the words of Rahul Gandhi.

People may still argue that it is just the panic that has been created in the country as the number of deaths and the patient toll is much lesser than the rest of the world and India may seem to be at a better position as compared to other nations. Unfortunately, experts say the numbers almost certainly are too good to be true, and may be masking a much larger outbreak.

Throughout the time, government officials have been only testing those who had an internationally travel history, or who came into contact with someone who was tested positive. Because of this approach, India has one of the lowest corona positive figues in the world.

Considering how the economy can be seen nosediving in a major downward spiral, with businesses shutting due to the unplanned and confusing lockdown, asking the finance minister to handle the situation, doesn’t seem to be the wisest of decisions. One can not stay ignorant to the fact, that this is the most criticised and untrustworthy person in the cabinet.

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    Saurabh Lohani
    March 26, 2020

    Modi govt has not only delayed it's action to fight COVID19 but also declared 21 days lockdown in 4 hour notice without giving enough time for daily wage workers to return to their hometown. And Modi govt just not prepared how to take care of poorest of poors during this 21 days lockdown. Economy is in shambles and this quarter ad next quarter we may even see a negative growth coupled with historically high unemployment rate and farmers distress. Modi govt just not able to handle situations and things ought to become serious for all of us in coming days.

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    March 26, 2020

    There are 3 types of people in this world, the thinkers who think and give ideas, the workers who work around those ideas to make it a reality and finally the CRitics who do not do anything and keeps criticizing. Here is a group where the senior citizen amongst the group members keeps on writing letters, the pappu keeps on talking to thin air and the sister's PR group keeps on spreading false news.

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    March 26, 2020

    WONDER IF NEHRU WHO CREATED PAKISTAN,POK,TIBET PROBLEM, HANDED OVER 40000 KMS OF OUR TERRITORY TO CHINA;INDIRA GANDHI WHO HAD CREATED BHINDRANWALE AND OPERATION BLUE STAR;RAJIV GANDHI WHO SAW THE SIKH MASSACRE OF 1984 AND GOT OUR FORCES SLAUGHTERED IN SRI LANKA, WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER. Govt has responded with a package of 1700000000.00(ONE LAKH SEVENTY CRORES). AND NO SWINDLING OF 85 PAISE OF EVERY RUPEENBY A CORRUPT SYSTEM PERFECTED BY CONGRESS. SA SE BARI SACHAYI: RIGHT TIME TO PUNISH THE DYNASTY AND ITS COTRIE FOR RUINING INDIA.Congress kept DYNASTY INTEREST ABOVE NATIONAL INTEREST. SAB SE BARI SAZIS:NEHRU CARED FOR THE DYNASTY.He had a good vision only for perpetuating the DYNASTY by not paying heed to the POPULATION EXPLOSION.He did not show any responsibility .He could have followed China who introduced 1 child norm in 1950.But Nehru knew that DYNASTY can survive only when their are acute shortages of resources vis-a vis needs.Coupled with this was his creation of a MOST CORRUPT SYSTEM .Organised loot of 85 paise of every rupee.This will result in PROTESTS,AGITATIONS,RIOTS.Even if DYNASTY loses power,it can exploit the situation and regain some power. AFTER ALL DYNASTY FEELS IT IS THEIR ''DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE" (MIS) INDIA.MORE POOR AND DEPRIVED BETTER FOR DYNASTY.

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