Indian Muslims, who are already political untouchables. Are they now fast turning into social untouchables as well? An appeal to the entire Muslim community.


The entire Muslim community is facing a big question: “Where is the Indian Muslim heading to?”. When people all over the world are horrified by the terror of the Coronavirus and are trying to be safe from this deadly virus, even in such a time, the Muslims of India are showing a lot of carelessness and the Indian Godi media is very prominently highlighting stuff from Tiktok and other videos of Muslims which are becoming viral on social media and prime time news platform.
As per the report of the police administration, one can find a lot of people roaming and sitting on streets in Muslim areas of old cities, and a similar picture can be easily seen in Muslim-majority villages as well.

All the temples and gurudwaras of the country have been closed, but despite the video appeals of Muslim Clerics from all over the world and the written statement of Darul Uloom Deoband, prayers are still going on in some mosques.
Educated Muslims are trying to explain the things, but some people are not ready to understand and where Muslims have understood, they have locked down the mosques and their institutions. Some people are gathered at roofs of their homes and offering prayers in congregation, especially on Fridays and now it seems that if this careless attitude of Muslims continues, the government will be forced to take strict actions and direct the police administration to seal the mosques and file a case against those who offer Namaz in groups. We appeal to all Muslims, that in such an atmosphere, and at a time when the coronation of corona virus has been done in our country and all over, Muslims of India must present themselves as responsible citizens of the country.

All Muslims must act and ensure to save their families, country and themselves from this disaster, and not do anything that gives a bad name to Islam. Muslims have already become political untouchables in India, but must not become social untouchables, by being involved in such violations. It’s a duty for every countryman to stay inside, complying with every order of the government. Stay away from any gathering. Honour the policemen and the medical workers, and do not argue with them. This is being done for the safety of all of us.
We all have to prove that we are also responsible citizens of this country and we must cooperate fully with the government and the administration in fighting this natural disaster.

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