India Surpasses Iran in Coronavirus Cases


The outbreak of the global pandemic Corona virus (Covid-19) continues to increase in India and it has killed more than 4000 people so far and the number of corona infected patients has exceeded 1.37 lakh. Data compiled by the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of America’s John Hopkins University has revealed that a total of 4013 people have died due to the epidemic on Sunday (May 24) at around 10.45 am (Indian time), while The total number of infected cases of corono virus in India has increased to 1,37,302, of which 57,414 people have become infection free.

With this, India has fallen to 10th place in the list of most affected countries of Corona, overtaking Iran. The total number of patients in Iran is 1,35,701, while 7417 people have lost their lives here due to this disease. At the same time, the total number of corona infected remains 84,084 in China and 4638 people have died here so far.

3041 new cases of corona virus were reported in Maharashtra on Sunday (May 24), which is the highest in a day so far. With this, the total number of patients in the state has crossed 50 thousand. According to the bulletin issued by the state health department, “3041 new cases of corona were reported in the state on Sunday, while 58 people have died due to this disease”.The total number of infected patients in the state has gone up to 50231, with 33988 active (under treatment) cases. A total of 1635 people have died so far and with the recovery of 1196 patients on Sunday, a total of 14600 people have been cured so far. “

With 394 new cases of corona virus reported in Gujarat on Sunday (May 24), the number of infected has increased to 14,063. At the same time, the death toll has risen to 858 due to the death of 29 more people. The state health department gave this information. On Sunday, 21 of the 29 patients who lost their lives to Covid-19 were also suffering from serious illnesses, officials said.. 6,793 people are under treatment in Gujarat, out of which the condition of 67 of them is very serious.

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