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Importance of Five Elements in Human Body.

The term panch tatva is used in hindu mythology which means five elements.

According to the concept of Panch Tatva everything that surrounds us,what we eat ,where we live and the substances that occure in nature everything is made up of panch tatva example – human ,earth ,sunlight,animals,plants etc .following are the panch tatva

  • air (vayu)
  • water (jal)
  • fire (agni)
  • space (akash)
  • earth (prithvi)

The magical 5 fingures

It is said that balancing panch tatva could help to live a healthy life as five fingures leads the panch tatva . let us know about the importance of panch tatva .

  • The earth element (tatva) represents bones and muscles and the finger that indicates earth element is ring finger . Disorders caused due to this element are weight gain, cholesterol and muscle related disorders.
  • the air element represents the blood hence can cause disorders related to lungs,blood pressure and nervous system it can also cause pain and deppression.Finger which indicates air element is index finger.
  • the water element is related to tongue and genitals hence it causes disorders like blood clotting ,asthama,taste disorder and kidney stone dehydration etc and the fingere that represents water element is little finger.
  • the fire element is connected to eyes and flow of energy and hence disorders are gastric,acidity, skin disorders,diabetes ,mental illness,exhertion and weak eye sight .Thumb represents the agni tatva.
  • The space element or akaash tatva is related to ear thus hearing problem is created by the space element disorder that causes hearing as well as mind related disorders ,thyroid epilepsy and the element is represented by index finger.

Acupressure ,Yoga, meditation and exercise could help fighting these disorders.

To increase inner power it is really important to do exercise regularly. Acupressure helps to balance the components of panch tatva and gives calmness.Yoga helps to provide mental peace and meditation gives inner peace so the best way to make the balance between the elements is to to these things regularly.


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