If true, its utter disgrace!


New Delhi| While cornering the government about the scarcity of N95 masks and other safety equipment to fight against COVID-19 while treating the patients, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi retweeted a medical practitioner’s tweet which is in the name of @drkamnakakkar.

Later, all the tweets from the mentioned twitter handle disappeared all of a sudden, which then led to the BJP IT Cell started trolling the Congress leader for spreading a rumor without verifying the true facts.

However, a handle in the name of Manav Yadav, yesterday posted screenshots of a WhatsApp chat conversation, in which some scary facts came out. As per the conversation, the dean of the Vice Chancellor of the medical college in which Dr. Kamna Kakkar is studying, got a call from CM’s office asking him to pressurize Dr. Kakkar to delete the entire tweets and demand an apology, which actually happened.

The screenshots of the conversation are posted below

If the tweet is to be believed, then it leads to the conclusion, that the Government is going too low, just to demean an opposition leader, and keep his views sidelined without any proper concern to the medical workers.


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