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“Satanic Viruses: Interview With Covid 19” by Sandeep Sharma

Corona Green Zone

Sandeep Sharma: Namaste!

Corona: Namaste! Namaste dear Zygote: This is from Hinduism. Hinduism– burning of the dead body and cleansing the home after the final rites.

Sandeep Sharma: It’s really difficult speaking to you here today. Thank you for making your chemical protein based voice available for this impossible interview. Impossible for us as less research has been done in the field of Psychobiotics around the world.

Corona: Yes. Indeed. It is an achievement for a human being as you are, speaking to me—the “I” who is less than 100 nano meters. It is for sure an opportunity. Your species is now hyper-introvert. I congratulate you for your extroversion! Most human beings don’t want to listen to me or read this interview even. But I’m happy to see you fully covered with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) when most of the health officials around the world lack equipments. Even that also makes me happy though.

Sandeep Sharma: What do you have to say about your name?

Corona: There has been a lot of politics on naming me. I was called Wuhan Virus by some but the name was immediately taken back with a quote “It’s not racist.” Then finally in the same English language, I was named after the word “crown” on my virions. Then fear of the crown, the fear of thorns of the crown. English has always remained the language of the colonizers. I’m humbled to be baptized in such a Powerful Language. It gives me psychological kick.

Sandeep Sharma: What do you consider yourself? Are you living or non-living?

Corona: As they say in Hindu mythology. Na iti, Na iti. So I am.

Sandeep Sharma: What are your boundaries?

Corona: Being the sovereign, with a crown, the English word crown as I said, I’m against any law, beyond pure ethics—in particular beyond the Human definition. I’m the law. I’ve my own ethics. I have the power to turn the cultural theories, scientific discourse and thinking pattern of the world. I’m the historical negative revolution of 2020.

Sandeep Sharma: You call yourself the Sovereign but we call you a serial killer. What is your semantics or the lexicon?

Corona : I hardly care—you desanitize yourself and I desensitize myself. I’m disease of the rich, the high class. Initially they were my primary objects. Maybe that’s why they also call me the Airplane disease. I’m, I was and I will be. I can’t say more than that.

Sandeep Sharma: What do you want from the human beings?

Corona: I went through many books, labs, markets and read a lot about human beings. Apparently I want to possess them. It’s a great opportunity.

Sandeep Sharma: You are getting worldwide media attention. What’s your say?

Corona: This makes me upset. I’m dried up a bit. Could you please hand me over a drop of blood please.

Sandeep Sharma: Whose blood?

Corona: Blood remains blood: the young, the old, the man , the woman, the rich, the poor, the politician, the homeless, the king, the queen, the you—blood is an opportunity.

Sandeep Sharma: Did you ever say to yourself what I’m doing is not good? There is a limit, its grotesque. I must stop?

Corona: I wanted to, but couldn’t. I’m all to be blamed. Neither young nor the old; neither the rich nor the poor; neither the human nor the animal, neither the king nor the queen; neither the mother nor the child; neither the homeless nor the landlord—No one.

Sandeep Sharma: Are you from the space? Are you willing to go to the space in future?

Corona: I’m happy to know that NASA has recently sent many bacterium to the space. In future, there is no harm in giving it a try. Nothing could ever stop me.

Sandeep Sharma: What do you feel about your virus friends brutally being dried up and killed by us and your friend viruses killing us?

Corona: Dear Zygote, remember your size when you were just a zygote. It’s a foolish comparison out of the blue. I will never give it a damn thought. We are the revolutionaries.

Sandeep Sharma: After this interview what will you do if we take you out of this room and put you in the public space?

Corona: Do it! Don’t speak. Can’t speak. I’m already drying up.

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