COVID-19 will not be tested for free in India


Corona virus (COVID-19) will not be tested for free in the country. So far, the government was appealing and approving the private lab to investigate, but in a meeting of high officials on Friday, it has been agreed to fix a fee of five thousand rupees for the examination of COVID-19. Sources say that there are about 51 NABH certificate labs in the country, which have long been considered for permission to test the corona virus.

Recently, Director General of All India Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Dr. Balaram Bhargava said that if a private lab wants it, it can test the corona virus for free. After this, private sector lab operators raised big questions. According to them, they are ready to support the government in this emergency, but they should also get basic expenses. So that he can get the expenditure on a sample.

However, it is also being told that there was no mutual consent for a long time at the meeting at the ministry level, but in the end it has been agreed to check Rs 5000 per inquiry. Apart from Union Health Secretary Preeti Sudan, Dr. Balram Bhargava and several private lab operators were present in this meeting. However, when will the investigation in private lab begin? It has not been decided yet.


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  1. लो मोदी जी के मेडिकल माफिया की कमाई शुरू हो गई?
    अब लाशों पर यह इमारत बनाएंगे।

  2. It’s the duty of health ministry of India to fecitate all rest free of cost, or ltherwise pandemic will go out of control. Big mistake to privatise

  3. It sound so stupid!
    as we all know in India there are people who can’t effort to buy food for their survival how can you expect them to pay 5k just for covid19 test.
    Indeed no one will go for test coz they won’t be able to pay 5k and the virus will spread all over India which will lead India to the big crises and uncontrollable situation like Italy.
    I m originally From afghanistan not from India but being in India since 2015 I understand the financial situation of Indian I hope government of India do something for the matter otherwise they will face big problems and they will be helpless to the nation.

  4. which surely will not promote testing in low income communities and thus give a realistic picture of the situation. I think India is yet not taking the situation serious enough or maybe it is a mission impossible anyway considering the crowded cities

  5. It wasn’t expected from our Government at all… Very sad and unfortunate, I will never forget Narender Modi as worst Prime Minister of India.

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