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COVID-19 Lockdown and Females

Working During Covid Times

It was in the later part of 2019 when the news of a deadly virus found in the Wuhan city of China had hit the world. A virus which was neither air borne nor was it water borne but was spreading among the human population through human touch itself. Such a deadly virus forced countries all over the world to take on some harsh steps which resulted in lockdown. A strategy in which people are forced to stay in their homes to save their lives.

This lockdown has affected the lives of millions and billions of people. In one way where this lockdown has proven to be a boon to many on the same side this lockdown has affected people negatively. For working women in one way or the other this lockdown has proven to be a boon, but on the other hand it is giving a tough time to homemakers. 

So how exactly has lockdown affected the lives of females? When lockdown was declared it proved to be a breath of fresh air to the working women. Having worked for hours and praying for a break, this lockdown gave them a much awaited opportunity to stay home, spend time with family, partners, kids which earlier was difficult to do. In the beginning, most women thought the days will pass, I shall make the best use of the given time. Thus in the initial days, audio and video calls were made to friends, relatives, loved ones even to the distant loved ones. New recipes, new dishes were made. New hobbies were discovered. New habits were formed thinking that this lockdown phase will be a welcomed gift. The homemakers too rejoiced their kids and partner were now home allowing them to spend quality time which the family lacked. 

Soon the bright sunny days of lockdown had passed. One month into the lockdown and dark clouds started darkening the lives of people. Working women who enjoyed staying home and finishing their overdue tasks now found it difficult to manage their chores without their maids help. Homemakers who rejoiced at the fact that the house is full and that there are people in the house are now getting frustrated to do all the housework without any support from other family members. 

Mothers who were happy and had started taking special interest in the lives of kids by spending more time with them and teaching them or educating are now getting irritated by their constant demands and nagging and their repetitive questions of why they cannot go out or when will this all end. Maids, servants and housekeeping women are now in trouble as they are out of their daily jobs and sitting ideal while nothing else to do at home. 

This lockdown also saw an increase in domestic abuse. Women who heaved a sigh of relief when their partners or abusers went out of home now lived under a constant threat of being abused or domestic violence. The cases of child abuse too have gone up. 

But this lockdown had a silver lining too. For example, women were in the forefront to fight against COVID-19. Doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, sanitation workers and many other fields saw the contribution and hard work of women. 

But mostly it taught us something, something very important. The lesson of pause. Women and men both, this law of nature applies to both. We are busy in our lives, running for a competition, running to come first and come on the top of others. We are running so much that we often forget to pause. We are in dire need of break,a holiday, a vacation but when we get a chance to take it we take it just for the sake of taking it. We in fact pre plan our vacation. How to start it and how to end it. Everything is just planned and we at times do it for the sake of doing it. 

So this lockdown, in a way, is nature’s way of saying pause…. Take a break…look at life or better just don’t live your life but enjoy it. Pause because it’s the nature of saying “Love your life”. This lockdown has impacted the lives of women but it has also given them life lessons. 

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