Be Careful This Summer


Summers are always tough as compared to other seasons, but now as we are already fighting with corona, it seems like a tough challenge to enjoy this summer. Enjoying summer could be possible because we are in our houses with our families. In summers, we have to be more cautious for our health as dehydration, weakness, increased body temperature, blood pressure problem etc occurs normally so we have to be more careful.

Following are the ways how to be careful on this summer

  • What to wear – Wear cotton clothes as these cloths soak sweat and is best fabric to use in summer’s and now we can find variety in cotton clothes
  • Cover yourself fully– whenever you go anywhere just cover up yourself fully as it will help to fight weather as well as Covid is 19 after coming back you can keep that clothes for washing and you can keep one or two pair of clothes separately for going out so that whenever you go out you can wear them.
  • Want some drinks?- Whenever you go out drink little water and keep water bottle with you so that you will not need to buy water-bottle (it’s a risk for now) and will have good fresh and pure water with you and you will be safe from dehydration.
  • Avoid oily food- In summer’s it’s really important to keep your tummy happy for that you have ignore oily and spicy food instead you can eat light food,salads etc.
  • Light food could be tasty– Yes I know, the 4th point could make you all angry because we Indians love to eat and our tongue loves spicy and oily food but what if I say light food could me more tasty then the oily one?? You don’t agree?? Try making khichadi(mixing pulses rice ) and then add compliments like onion ,curd,salad,etc so in this way you can make a simple khichdi so healthy and delicious.
  • Want some cold drinks ? – Yes cold drinks are the necessity and lifelines of summer’s so we can make shakes, ice creams, lassi(Punjabi healthy dish made with milk having lots of cream in it). Really cooking is the easiest and the best talents just believe and try to make what could be better then the yummy kulfi made in your own fridge??
  • Be safe from dehydration- Be safe from dehydration eat the seasonal foods and drink lots of water

Right now we have two important tasks to fight with corona as well as summers so keep yourself save avoid taking any type of risks .Avoid going out if not necessary and keep your self and the family safe .

Stay safe, Stay healthy.

Disclaimer :- This post is independently published by the author. Infeed neither backs nor assumes liability for the opinions put forth by the author.

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