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Corona India

There has been a lot of conspiracy going on since the outbreak of COVID-19 virus which includes its origination from wet markets of Wuhan China, in bio labs in China or a Canadian-China spy team sending it to Wuhan

It is tragedic to see that while the world is suffering and people are dying, the most powerful leaders of the world are are busy throwing allegations on its origins and is not concentrating on finding the cure for the same. The entire human race is waiting for a vaccine for the cure not the political statements from different countries

Globally coronavirus has shutdown economies – people are losing their jobs and having to be locked down inside their homes for the foreseeable long future. The worst affected countries are those which have developing economies and having large number of peoples working on daily wages.

The Indian economy which was once booming is now almost on stand still resulting in a great loss of money and livelihood. Due to large population and high rates of unemployment in the country, people from all across the land have settled in areas which provide good job opportunities.

Now as the country is almost two months into the lock down, those people which were employed in daily labour sectors in factories and other industrial employment are being forced to go back home.

With whole country in lockdown and no mode of travel, these people are travelling on road along the railway tracks on foot. Recently at Delhi interstate bus depot there was a large gathering of migrant workers who were forced to leave their place and journey back to their hometowns as there was no way of survival in the city which could have been a catastrophe and resulted in mass spread of coronavirus as people in thousands packed in a small area with no idea who has been subjected to the deadly virus previously and people having no access to proper PPE

There was no availability of busses or trains people hod to walk entire way to their home which was hundreds of kilometres away. Sometimes hungry sometimes thirsty with no money in their hands to buy food for themselves they kept on walking. There have been cases where people died on the way to their home where people died after reaching home but all the plight of the poor people fell on deaf ears. The government kept blaming each other, center blamed the state, state blamed the center and the game continued with no one actually working for the people who were in real need of support and help. 

We are in third phase of lockdown and still people are travelling on foot and no one is still ready to help them. Government announced relief package for migrant laborers, also arranged special trains for the same but that too is not enough to cope up with the situation with such a large workforce that is now out of work and without any means to support their family, meager mounts of aid is not enough.

Recent events in Maharashtra Aurangabad, Meerut, Guna have not just hit the headlines, but has also shocked our conscience. The blame cannot be put solely on to those who died but also on the people who did nothing when they required help which resulted in their sad demise. Also few days back there was a large gathering of people in Bandra station as they were protesting against the in-competency of the government in providing aid to those stranded laborers.

In all this there is a sad part, the dirty politics which is willing to sacrifice the lives of thousand by instigating those people to protest against the government while the country is in lockdown. Political parties which are supposed to behave responsible in this moment of crisis are willing to put lives stake just for political edge. It’s true the politics is now producing politicians instead of leaders, the civil services are now producing bureaucrats instead of officers and this is a sad reality which we are now facing as the country battles against all odds.

Hope is not yet lost as although late but finally the governments are co-operating among each other To provide aid to those who are stranded away from home in need of help and support. for the first time in 70 years my hometown finally saw a passenger train arrive at its platform filled with migrant workers from Gujarat Maharashtra and other parts of the country. 

Battle is long but its not lost, happiness can be found in the darkest of times if only a person remembers to turn on the light there have been large amount of public donations several big industrialist, businessman and the common man  has opened their wallets and donated whole-heartedly in the prime minister’s relief fund, several organizations like RSS, Akshay Patra, Sevadal, seeds Zomato and numerous NGOs and self-help groups are providing food to those who are in need. In several cities police personnels are also preparing and distributing the food to the people in need. 

Recently government has announced large stimulus package for the economy which includes industries farmers and above all the daily wage earners morning to be done as time goes but all we can hope that it is done without further delay. 

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