Corona : Interpol warns people of online fraud


Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) has warned all people around the world to beware of cybercriminals who take advantage of the corona virus and can go for online fraud. Interpol has asked people to take extra precautions when purchasing medical supplies such as surgical masks and sanitizers online, as cyber criminals are taking advantage of the situation to commit financial fraud.

The organization has so far received about 30 such cases. The link of these cases is related to Asia and Europe. According to the information, cyber criminals have lost millions of dollars in such cases. Due to the global epidemic of corona virus, there is a huge shortage of medical supplies such as surgical masks and sanitizers in the market. In this situation, many websites and social media accounts have emerged which claim to sell medical supplies online.

People are ordering goods from these websites and accounts, but they do not get medical supplies, they are only losing their money. In this regard, Interpol Director General Jurgen Scott said, taking advantage of the circumstances and uncertainty caused by the corona virus, cyber criminals are targeting common people, who only want to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

He said, whoever is thinking of buying medical supplies  online, should order only after checking the credibility of that website or social media account, otherwise they can come under the clutches of criminals and lose their money. According to the information, in such a case, fraud of thousands of dollars has been revealed.


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