Corona : India Inches Towards Second Spot


As of late Friday night, more than 80 thousand new cases of corona virus (Covid-19) infection were reported, the number of infected people exceeded 40.12 lakhs while the death toll of 1023 corona patients reached close to 70 thousand. . With more than 40 million cases, India has now reached the second position in the world. America ranks first and Brazil second in terms of infection.

Brazil, which is ranked second among the countries affected by the Corona virus in the world, has so far been hit by 4041638 people while 124638 people have died. It is a matter of relief in the growing havoc of the country that the number of patients recovering is also increasing and today a partial improvement in recovery rate was recorded.

It is a matter of concern that there is an increase in new infected as compared to healthy patients, due to which an increase in active cases is being recorded. The number of active cases in the country is 20.95 percent and the rate of deportation is 77.25 percent while the rate of death is 1.73 percent. The rate of patients recovering has improved from 77.21 percent of the previous day to 77.25 percent today.

The number of infected people increased to 863062 tonight after a record 19218 new cases of infection were reported during the last 24 hours in Maharashtra, the most severely affected by the epidemic. During this period, the number of people recovering from new cases has also declined and during this period 13289 more patients have got 625773 patients who have got relief from infection. During this period, the number of deaths has increased to 25964 with the death of 378 more patients.

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