Corona in MP : 41 Died in Bhopal, 23 in Indore, Lockdown in Gwalior from April 15


A horrific situation is unfolding in the second wave of Corona in Madhya Pradesh. In large cities like Indore and Bhopal, the number of infected and deaths has increased rapidly. The crematoriums in both cities are running out of space. 23 bodies were buried in Indore and 41 bodies were cremated in Bhopal. The average infection rate of the state has increased to 19 percent. After Indore and Bhopal, lockdown is also being imposed in Gwalior from April 15.

The condition in Madhya Pradesh is very worrying. As the number of patients in the state increases, resources are getting scarce. There is also waiting for cremation at cremation ghats in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Gwalior. Other dead bodies are being cremated even before the pyre is removed. To put a brake on the speed of Corona, the Shivraj government has decided to impose a 7-day lockdown in Gwalior after Bhopal. There will be a lockdown in Gwalior from 6 am on April 15 to 6 am on April 22.

Nearly every third person is getting infected in Bhopal. In Bhopal, out of 5200 samples examined, 1452 reported positive. The condition of Indore is also bad. Due to increase in corona infection rate in the state, there is a clear indication of danger.
The infection rate has now gone up to more than 19 per cent, it has risen 7 per cent in the last 7 days. Corona curfew has been imposed on the demand of various districts as the situation deteriorates.

Corona exploded on Monday in Indore. So far, 1552 new corona patients were found in a single day and six people died. Last year, about 1400 patients were found in the whole of April, but this time more patients have come out in a single day.

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