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Corona Impact on Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry Corona

While the coronavirus has caused a decline in the number of visitors, people have also stopped coming out of their homes. The impact is on the earnings of the restaurant and hotel industries.

Because of the coronavirus, all Indian residents nowadays have stopped leaving home unnecessarily. The effect on the hotel and restaurant industry is obvious. Delhi – NCR has the highest revenue from hotels and restaurants, both domestic and foreign tourists. When tourists number has come down with corona, hurting the economics o restaurants and hotels. While it was difficult to find a room in a hotel in Delhi, many rooms are now empty.

The horror of the Coronavirus, affecting the booking of restaurants and hotels-

According to the JLL India, the level of room – availability in 11 cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata fell to 5-17 per cent as much as 13 to 29 per cent. Property advisory JLL India in a report that the home hotel and hospitality sector were badly affected in the first quarter of the year 2020. According to statistics, there was a shortfall in both the availability of rooms and earning of rooms in all 11 cities.

Coronavirus effect on Hospitality and Tourism Sector-

As per hotels, there are about 37000 to 39000 million tradings in the country and the size of the tourism industry is around 18 million rupees. Both of these sectors employ a total of 40 million persons or 40 million persons. According to a survey conducted by Economic Times, the tourism sector is estimated to have 12 lakh jobs due to the cross – border of the corona. It may even affect the industry involved. So many people lose their jobs could even cause a loss of rupees 9600 to 11400 crore in the hotel sector.

The size of this sector in the country is around Rs. 4.2 lakh crore, where nearly 73 million people work. According to a report, 15 to 20 per cent of the jobs in this sector are at stake and this figure may grow. Earning has come down to 60 per cent because of the coronavirus. The online food delivery orders have also registered a decline of 20 per cent.

Reduction in Demand in Online Food Delivery Services-

The industry of this sector is estimated to be around Rs 48000 crore with an estimated 5 million people working. Though it is not supposed to go to jobs in this sector, the delivery partners are currently suffering from a reduction of 20 per cent of earnings. People are standing from ordering fear of corona.

Effect on Aviation Sector-

The industry size of this sector is 2.2 million and has an employee of around 3 million 50 thousand. The consultant copa estimates that the corona may have caused the loss of $4200 crore from April to June.

Coronavirus Effect on Unorganized Sector-

The industry size of the temporary employee is about Rs 44,400 crore. In 2019, there were a few 4 million people working in this sector. Face to face interviews have been blocked by corona which has affected their income. This has an immense impact on those who are not capable of adopting the model of work-from-home. Point out that while on the one hand, the nations of the world are trying to overcome it, the UN suggests that there are nearly two and a half million jobs on the globe.

Service robots that will derail the hotel economy

Service robots can bring the hotel economy on track to protect them from infection. In hotels that provide robot service, the influence of COVID-19 will rapidly decline. Hotels facing recession due to epidemic may increase the number of tourists. Service robots will enhance the hotel facilities and enhance their productivity. This is a finding that has been found in recent university research in Britain. This is the first such research related to service robots and hot-business in epidemic times.

Challenges would also rise

Researchers say service robots will boost hotel facilities, but the challenges will increase. As costs increase, skills will be affected, and hotels will need to change their employees’ outfit. The scope of robotic technology will increase in the upcoming time.

In the research published in the contemporary hospitality management journal, researcher Tracy shoe says, the service sector is focusing on creating new and interesting facilities by which they will not add human beings to provide service to their customers. He said Service robots at this time of epidemic are entering the hotel industry. Taking lessons from this stage will further develop a focus on similar facilities to reduce the risk of infection.

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