China’s Dirty Game : China Playing Punjabi Songs on LAC


In the midst of ongoing tension along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, Chinese troops have now adopted a new tactic. China has now installed a loudspeaker at its forward post as part of a new move to thwart infiltration attempts and the Indian Army’s victory at high altitudes in eastern Ladakh. The People’s Liberation Army of China has placed large loudspeakers on Finger 4 near Pangong Lake and started playing Punjabi songs in it.

If sources are to be believed, there is a possibility that Chinese soldiers, who are troubled by the constant surveillance of Indian soldiers, have done this drama to distract them and are constantly playing Punjabi songs. Or doing so to relieve the pressure. It is to be noted here that this place is the same place where about 100 rounds of aerial firing took place between the armies of the two countries on September 8.

China is now working on the same strategy adopted in 1962. Chinese military military strategist Sun Xu wrote in his famous book ‘Art of War’ in the sixth century BCE that the best fighting skills are those that are won without fighting. Working on his strategy, the Chinese Army and Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times is waging a psychological war against Indian soldiers in Ladakh.

In fact, on 29-30 August, the Chinese Army first brought tanks and armored military vehicles after the Indian Army gave a befitting reply to the Chinese army at Rejang La and Rechin La on the southern bank of Pangong Lake. The People’s Liberation Army felt that the soldiers of India would be frightened and repelled by this mutiny, but this did not happen and the soldiers of India remained firm. The Indian Army made it clear that if the Chinese Army crossed the Red Line, it would give a befitting reply.

After the infiltration attempt failed, the Chinese army tried a new tactic and started playing Punjabi song on Finger 4 of Pangong Lake. In addition, loudspeakers have also been installed at the Moldo military outpost of the Chinese Army in Chusul. It is being said by the Chinese Army that the Indian Army should not be fooled by its political masters. Through these loudspeakers, the Chinese army is now trying to incite the Indian soldiers against the government and leaders here.

Chinese soldiers are trying to provoke the Indian Army through these loudspeaks and to break their morale. Frustrated with the deployment of Indian troops at such a height in the harsh winter, the Chinese Army is now playing a new bet and trying to provoke the Indian soldiers against the Indian government’s decision to deploy at high altitudes. It is the Chinese Army’s effort to provoke Indian soldiers through these loudspeakers, create disharmony within them and force them to retreat, reminding them of the harsh cold.

According to a former chief of the Indian Army, the People’s Liberation Army used loudspeaker tactics in the same way during the Nathu La clashes in 1962 and 1967. He said that China feels that Punjabi troops are deployed on Finger 4 and that is why they are playing Punjabi songs.

There has been at least three firing incidents in the last 20 days over the border dispute between India and China. According to military sources, the first incident took place when China tried to capture the southern Pangong’s highest peak. Meanwhile, India thwarted their move, repelling the Chinese troops. The incident occurred between 29–31 August. After this, the second incident took place on September 7, which took place on the peaks of Mukhpari.

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