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5 ways to make long distance relationship work

Relationship Goals

If we look at 5 decades before that was the time of arrange marriage and at that time the marriages were not based on frauds so arrange marriages were best options to get settled.

But now in 2020 being in a relationship (from teenagers to any age above) is the normal thing. It is not because we don’t have good values but it is the need of the time in this century. We see lots of broken marriages, frauds, crimes(like trafficking, smuggling, murders). That’s why it is important to know the person whom you are going to get married very nicely.

Indian traditions are quite different from the western world as not only you but the whole family is involved in during and after a marriage in India. So a good life partner is really very important for a happy life.

Being in a relationship is easy but staying in a relationship is tough similarly being in a long distance relationship could be easy but staying in a long distance relationship for a long time is equal to impossible but as the word impossible say i am possible so yes with holding each others hands and having lots of love ,respect ,trust and understanding long distance could turn into marriage . But the question is how to make a long distance relationship work? and the answer is given below

Here are 5 ways to have a happy relationship

  • 1-communication is the key of healthy relationship -when you are from same place its easy to share moments ,enjoy long drives,movies,dates,walks etc., in short it is easy to make moments but what to do on long distance?? here comes our gold coin that is long chats ,calls in which you can discuss your moods ,your full days story,feelings and bring your partner in your world .
  • 2-try to express- when you are together its easy to show emotions but when distance makes you invisible for your partner its really important to express what you actually feel for him/her this will spice up the bond and love between the two.
  • 3-whenever get a chance just run and meet your beloved– yes only calls ,expressing can not help you around , you should steal some time from busy schedules for each other .Atleast on the birthdays, love anniversary and sometimes just to show that you really need them.
  • 4-understanding and trust- yes these two words could make or break any relationship in the world either family relation,political relation,business relation or love relation so at initial stage its really important to gain trust and to understand other person .their could be chances that your partner lied to you but that lie should not be bothering you because you should know he/she had not involved you just because of the trust and understanding are the biggest key of successfull relationship .
  • 5-the bonding– yes bonding means infront of him/her you can speak your heart out,you can cry,shout, your weakness is his/her weakness and his/her hand and shoulder could be your biggest strength .This magical bonding is not really tough to make it just needs lots of dedication.

To make a long distance relationship work you need to have lots of patients and the purest heart with clever mind and active eyes then only you can have a successfull long distance relationship which could turn to happy marriage

Try the above mentioned points and comment the result good luck

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