15,000 Crore To Fight Against Corona : PM Modi


For the treatment of Corona patients and to make the healthcare system of the country stronger, the Central Government has made a provision of Rs.15 thousand crores. Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed with folded hands twice during the nation’s address and said that amidst the conditions created by the global epidemic of Corona, the state governments across the country, and the Center, are working at a fast pace. They are constantly trying to ensure that there is no inconvenience to people in everyday life.

The coming 21 days are very important for us: PM
Prime Minister Modi said that coming 21 days are very important for the country. According to health experts, the time of at least 21 days is needed to break the corona virus infection cycle. Therefore, I pray to you that wherever you are in the country at this time, stay there. Given the current situation, this lockdown will be 21 days in the country.

Whatever happens, stay at home: PM
The Prime Minister said that we should also assume that this is the only option we have. We do not have to move out of the house, under any circumstances. Whatever happens, stay at home. PM said what is the solution, what is the alternative? The silver lining for dealing with Corona is the experience from countries that have been able to control the pandemic to some extent. That is why in countries like China, America, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Iran, the spread of virus made the situation uncontrollable.

PM told how the epidemic spread
Think, first it took 67 days to get one lakh people infected and then it took only 11 days to infect another one lakh. It is even more frightening to know, that it took just four days to reach the infection from two lakh people to next one lakh. You must remember that most of the times, a person infected with corona seems to be healthy to begin with, but he is not aware that he is infected. So take precaution and stay in your homes.

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