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World’s First Smart Ventilator being made in India

Corona virus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. World is trying to combat the COVID-19 with help of medical kits. Ventilator is one of the most important medical equipment for critical patients infected with this virus.

A ventilator, also known as a respirator or breathing machine, is a medical device that provides a patient with oxygen when they are unable to breathe on their own, whereas the CPAP is designed only to maintain the airway to the lungs open continuously.

 In general, the chances of survival after being put on a ventilator are excellent if you are buying time for a therapeutic intervention to work. Survival chances improve a lot if you are using the ventilator to help the lungs while the patient’s body is regaining strength, healing up.

In serious lung issues, life-threatening condition can develop called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) that requires ventilators to deliver smaller volumes of oxygen and air, but at a higher rate.

WoWExp is creating ASAV at mass level.

What is ASAV?

ASAV stands for Affordable Smart Automated Ventilator.

Affordable: Low- cost,

Smart:  It is portable. It can be monitored remotely through mobile and web apps.

Automated: It is programmed based on the need. It is not manual.

Ventilator: It is a medical device that provides a patient with oxygen when they are unable to breathe on their own.

Why do we need ASAV?

Corona patients, specially old people or lung patients, at later stage, find difficult to breathe on their own. ASAV will save lives by helping lungs while patient’s body is recovering.


Why is it smart?

It is portable. It can be monitored remotely through mobile and web apps. Patients can use the ventilators at home or clinics or hospitals, but healthcare professionals can monitor it remotely. There is no risk of infection as doctor does not need to be physically present at all times.


What does “automated” mean?

It is not a typical manual machine where someone must keep pumping to make a patient breath. What Mahindra has done is manual. Manual kit is very painful as it is difficult to pump for hours. ASAV is automated and has a mode-based approach.

How much would it cost?

Basic version of ASAV costs Rs 9,999.

Which technologies are used in this product?

3D Printing, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Mobile App, Web App, AI, Medical devices, Sensors.


WoWExp is appealing people to join hands if they have access to 3D printing machines or manufacturing units or IoT kits

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