World Needs Bread, Not Guns : Pope Francis


Pope Francis has urged for a chance of creative and positive change amid COVID-19 pandemic and to reconnect with the real world and reject “throwaway culture.” He also cornered the governments of the world and said that  the ongoing outbreak is exposing what he calls “functional hypocrisy” at the highest levels of government.

“This is not humanity’s first plague; the others have become mere anecdotes,” the pope said, as he called on people to remember their shared roots and traditions.


The pope discussed aspects of the coronavirus ranging from the pope describing his life under isolation orders to praising “the saints who live next door” — the people who keep working during a global health emergency.

“They are heroes: doctors, volunteers, religious sisters, priests, shop workers — all performing their duty so that society can continue functioning,” the pope said.

As for himself, the pope said, “I’m living this as a time of great uncertainty. It’s a time for inventing, for creativity.”

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