Women’s Day


By Paul Koshy, AIPC Bangalore South

Why just today, and why not everyday. We all have heard this.

Yes, it is still important to dedicate a day specially to celebrate a certain value.

We-men are programmed to look upon ‘women’ in the context of her relationship in the life of another person, her faith, her culture, her profession, her appearance, her race, her caste, her talents, her art, …… so on and on in random order. I may not be wrong to say that even to most women, another woman is seen in a similar context.

And then, they are judged. She is constantly being scored for her ‘performance’ in each of that identity.

Depending on the ratings that she scored, in each of
the yardstick, the male /female sense of algorithm delivers an index value to that person.

This algorithm works different for individual evaluators. Depending on how many yardstick measures the examiner is privy to. The woman thus is beholden differently for each who spares time to care for her.

The Women’s day is a reminder to all women not to care a damn for who thinks what about her.

What’s important for her to reaffirm how happy she feels about the way life is treating her.

About what, and not who, makes her feel happier.

About her ingrained right to bloom and have her place under the sun.

About her right to tend to her feelings, to love, to care all that her mind cares about.

About her resolve to defend her right to be what she wants, to do what she wants.

About her fundamental right to say No, to anything and to anyone.

About her right to live in a society that let’s her be herself.

To live in a society that protects her against those who threaten her to snatch away what she treasures.

To sing like the free birds on the trees, to dance and give movements to her song.

To script her own songs, and celebrate others doing the same.

To create and invent, to contribute towards a beautiful world that helps sustain it’s beauty for all.

To procreate, or to not
To raise a future of her species, or to not.

To seek friendship from man, woman, animals or birds

To be charitable to her own or a to stranger

To vanquish mindsets that try to chain her
To liberate her fellow humankind against the same

To nurture a world whose environment stays healthy

To care and protect for the fish and the frogs, and the natives of the woods

To do all things that this author cannot even imagine.

To be. To be. To be.

The author writes on a wide variety of subjects. He is a thought leader, an advisor to various governments on infrastructure development. His passionate practice in framing policies for inclusive and equitable growth for all including our ecosystem makes his contribution unique and valuable. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Disclaimer :- This post is independently published by the author. Infeed neither backs nor assumes liability for the opinions put forth by the author.

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