What’s there in New Farm Laws : A Reality Check


Let’s come to the true story of the farm laws “imposed” upon farmers by this government.

Among all the ongoing protests, few things have stuck out. One interesting thing is that apart from the obvious support these farm laws have gotten from big businesses, the farm laws have also found support in the International Monetary Fund and even the recently elected US government

Well, this says a lot about the sovereignty being exercised in regards to these laws. International monetary fund (IMF) is a predatory body which has always used financial ruins of nations to impose it’s will on them. India for years has stood strong as far as farm subsidies and farming sector is concerned. When our economy was growing in leaps and bounds, it had allowed us to dictate certain terms in regards to how we choose to run certain sectors of our economy vis-à-vis how the WTO or IMF wants us to run our economy. But thanks to the leadership of Modi, we are no longer in that position. Decisions like demonetisation and a hap-hazard GST has brought our economy to its knees and the vultures have started circling.

One of the most important pre-requisites for any sector to be exploited by multinationals is for that sector to be organised. No multinational can find its foot hold in the fragmented and highly localised farming sector. But once these farms are organised into behemoth contractual farms by the food corporatizations of Ambani and Adani, the multinationals like Nestle etc. can simply swoop in as investors and get a huge part of the pie.

Ofcourse, these multinationals and food sector giants may pay a higher price to the farmers for the produce but that does not garauntee in anyway the cost at which they will sell that produce. Any sale of any item below the international price will be seen as a loss by these multinationals. If u want to see an example of the same you can simply look at the runaway inflation in fuel after deregulation and allowing private players at the level of refining and retail.

Lastly, our govt is smacking its lips at the prospect of taxing farming sector after its corporations. There are clear provisions of taxation on contract farming. And just like the govt has used fuel, which is without doubt an essential necessity for life, to fill it’s coffers don’t be surprised if tomorrow they do the same with food items. Still if u have any doubts about the intentions of these corporates and the government let me bring something to your notice. In a widely circulated video of 2005, Nestles former Chairman Peter Brabeck categorically stated that the idea that water is a human right is extreme.

So if you still stand behind these laws just because you support this government because of your religion or caste or affiliations, do remember this will take India down a disastrous path and your generations will pay for it.

(The author is a writer, teacher and guide by profession)

Disclaimer :- This post is independently published by the author. Infeed neither backs nor assumes liability for the opinions put forth by the author.

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