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What If Your Child is Addicted to Mobile?


One thing that is coming to the fore at this time of the lockdown imposed due to Corona virus is that children are more inclined towards video games and mobile. The risk of corona virus has increased so much that staying at home is the best option. In such a situation, children have the option of video games and mobiles. Before the lockdown, the children played a variety of sports with their friends in the park, which is also necessary for their physical development. At this time it is not safe to go out, so children have opted for video games and mobile.

Problems Due to Overuse of Mobile and Video Games

  • The use of video games and mobiles does not take care of anything else. Children who play more video games only have thoughts about the game in their mind. Such children tend to stay away from people, which is a kind of mental problem.
  • Their overuse also affects health. According to a report, children who use video games and mobile more often face many mental and physical illnesses.

In this time of lockdown, children do not have any other option, so do not stop playing video games at all. By doing this, they will become even more upset. These troubles can also cause their mental stress. This habit can only be redeemed gradually.

At this time, you can get your children to do small household chores. By doing this, their mind will also remain alert and they will gradually start to support you in household chores. According to experts, it is necessary to keep children busy at this time, because if they do not have any work, then they will start spending time in video games or mobiles.

Your children need you most at this time. Try to spend as much time as possible with them. You can do different kinds of work by staying at home with children. Try something new with the children at this time. By doing this, new ideas will also come in the minds of children and they will try something new everyday except video games.

At this time you can play games played indoors with children such as Carrom, Ludo etc.

The emphasis is on increasing immunity at this time. Inspire your children to do Yoga. Do physical exercise with your children every morning.

To keep children away from video games and mobiles, you have to be like a friend to them. Many experts also say that parents should be friends with their children, to make a better bond with them.

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