#WeSupportSidShukla is trending on Twitter. Sidharth’s fans are expressing their disappointment


shocking turn of events, in last night’s episode precap, we saw that Sidharth Shukla  getting aggressive during a particular task and he ended up hurting Mahira. As a result, Bigg Boss himself went on to condemn Shukla’s act and ordered him to leave the house. Though it’s not the first time in Bigg Boss that a contestant has been slammed by Bigg Boss and subject to strict action for violent behavior, but nobody expected it from Sidharth Shukla to say the least.

Well, it has really upset Sidharth Shukla’s fans and #WeSupportSidShukla is trending on Twitter. Sidharth’s fans are expressing their disappointment on Twitter accusing the girls of the house of ganging up against him. Well, we cannot decide his fate in Bigg Boss, but here are five times when he proved to be a good leader, friend and an entertainer in the Bigg boss house.

When he supported Shehnaz as she was upset with Himanshi’s entry:

Sid Shukla and Shehnaz have gradually become very good friends in the house. The two spend a lot of time together and have been supporting each other. When Shehnaz’ rival, Himanshi Khurana entered the house, it really stunned her and she was highly upset about it. Sidharth came to her support and calmed her down. Not just that, but he has always supported her in her low times.

When Sidharth encouraged other contestants to perform the task:

During the ‘Teddy Bear’ task when the housemates lost the task once, all of them gave up and were highly demotivated. The inmates simply denied to perform the task any further and Bigg Boss himself slammed them for showing lack of interest in the game. That’s when Sidharth Shukla took the lead and encouraged everyone to at least perform the task without thinking about the end result.

When he proved to be a good leader:

Sidharth Shukla has time and again proven himself as a good leader inside the house. Be it about strategising and planning how to perform a task or taking a stand for the right thing, Sidharth’s decisions and opinions have been strong and influencing for other housemates. He takes the initiative, not just in the tasks but also in household duties.

A Complete Entertainer:

He has not just been active in the tasks and house chores, in the free time he also makes sure to entertain audience with funny antics. His adorable chemistry with Shehnaz has been loved by audience.

Despite his differences with Rashami, he does not let it affect his game:

Everybody is aware about his differences with Rashami. The two do not get along at all and have had a fine share of fights in the house. Despites that, Sidharth has never let it affect his game and just focuses on playing his own game.

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