The Anmol ratan of the Modi government that Indians are not proud of


Indian history has always used the term ‘Anmol ratan’ or the ‘Navratnas’ relating to a group of intellectuals in an emperor’s court. As a child, we have heard the ‘Navrathans’ of Akbar, and Birbal was one such gem. These intellectuals helped the Kings to rule wisely. They have been an inspiration for centuries.

In the current regime, we can find such gems or ‘Anmol Ratans’ as Indians we aren’t proud of, neither any rational person can be proud. We list such gems.

Yogi Adityanath – Chief Minister of the largest state of India Ajay Singh Bisht is the number one Anmol ratan of this era. Some of his achievements are, of course, it would take a whole news article. 

  • He recently claimed that his government was successful in defeating 1st wave of coronavirus and asserted that he has got a grip of 2nd wave and is well prepared to face the 3rd wave. Indians wonder how someone can make such an obnoxious claim when thousands of dead bodies are floating in the river Ganga.
  •  Nowhere in the world, the National Security Act is invoked against people who alarm about the shortage of Oxygen. The distressed citizens have been sending SOS messages on social media when all the hopes from the current regime are lost. CM Yogi finds it apt to arrest and charge with NSA for sending distress and SOS calls. 
  • Thousands of crores are spent in building the image of Yogi Adityanath. That has been one of the topmost priorities of this government in the pandemic. 

Pragya Thakur – The terror accused Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur is one such exceptional gem the world never needs. some of the achievements are

  • Scientist Pragya Thakur discovered a formula to treat covid-19. The scientific world is yet to understand. she said that “Covid-19 can be treated with Gau mutra as it will help to keep away lung infection.”
  • Pragya Thakur has the best solution for the Oxygen shortage problem, She said that “We should plant trees like Neem, Banyan, Tulsi, Peepal and other plants that give out Oxygen 24 hours. Had we planted these trees, we wouldn’t have faced” 

Trivendra Singh Rawat – Uttrakhand Ex Chief-Minister, has a unique theory about living organisms, which might put PETA to shame. “Coronavirus is a living organism & it has the right to live, we human being think we are superior & we only have the right to live.

  • Previously he had said cows are the only creatures in the animal kingdom to inhale and exhale Oxygen. 
  • One of the bizarre statements made by Trivendra Singh was that if pregnant women drink water from ‘garud’ the Ganga then cesarean will be averted.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan – Union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan is an ENT surgeon by profession. Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s ascension to union health ministry was received well & was believed he would lead the country’s health system to advance & progressive methods. Unfortunately, Dr. Harsh has been acting as a Deputy to business tycoon Baba Ramdev.

  • Dr Hardh Vardhan promoted an unscientific remedy called Coronil, even before it could produce trail results. The Indian Medical Association has been on its toes and criticizing such moves. It has demanded an explanation for promoting unscientific remedies.
  • He also allowed Ayurveda-trained doctors to perform a limited list of surgical procedures. 

BJP MLA Sukhbir Singh – This gem suggested applying a mud pack and blowing a shank could help fight the corona infection as it will help in boosting immunity.

BJP MLA Surendra Singh – He recommended drinking cow urine to stop corona.

Jagdeep Dhankar the West Bengal governor said that ancient India had nuclear-powered arrows which were used by Arjuna. At an event in the eastern India Science fair, he claimed that flying machines i.e aeroplanes existed during the Ramayana.

BJPminister Usha Thakur – She recommends performing yagna to ward off the third wave

There has been no scarcity in such gems there are a lot of them who are hopping around to jump into the Anmol ratan league. Once a legend said that there is nothing called Climate change, it is just that we are getting old that’s why we feel there is a change in the climate. The legend is Mr Narendra Damodardas Modi

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