Supermassive solar flare hits Earth. Causes disruptions in America


A massive solar flare burst from the sun in Earth’s direction, with scientists warning that it could impact our planet. The flare was classified as an X-class flare, the most powerful type of solar flare, which is capable of producing extreme levels of radiation. reported that an X-class solar flare was spat out by a recently formed sunspot, designated AR3229. The flare was so massive that triggered a rare type of shockwave that rippled across the Sun’s visible surface, or photosphere, according to
The shockwaves produced by such massive solar flares are generally known as magnetohydrodynamical wave, which is basically “a giant wave of hot plasma” that can travel up to speeds of 901,000 kmph and can reach heights of 100,000 km.

This solar flare also emitted a Type II solar radio burst that hit the earth shortly after it erupted. The radiation ionized the upper atmosphere, causing minor radio blackouts across parts of America for around an hour.

Solar flares are created when magnetic energy builds up on the sun’s surface and is then released, usually near sunspots. They can cause temporary radio blackouts and can also disrupt satellites in orbit. The extreme radiation produced by an X-class flare can also cause damage to electrical grids and communications systems here on Earth, though it is unlikely that the current flare will be powerful enough to cause any major disruptions.

Amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft who is based in New Mexico managed to capture a rare audio recording of the radio burst slamming into the earth. The eerie sound is made up of static created by the radiation hitting the atmosphere.

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